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Needed? CNG inspections / Inspectors

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  • Needed? CNG inspections / Inspectors

    I represent a CNG inspection company out of Phoenix, Az. We have recently started scheduled trips to Las Vegas to conduct 36 month, and post accident CNG inspections for a couple of the municipalities, trucking companies, and a few private owners. We are considering doing the same in California. My research shows California has a much larger resource base and maintenance support/availability for CNG than Arizona or Nevada. Looking for thoughts or interest on the possible need of 3rd party CNG inspections and repairs in California.

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    Welcome to CNGchat, Grepe!

    We occasionally see posts here from folks looking for inspections to be performed in California. But since there is no vehicle safety inspection requirements for vehicle registrations there I think many consumers (who make up the bulk of our posting members) simply aren't aware of the DOT inspection requirement. You will also note the link on each page to find inspectors - which directs to the CSA database, so you might want to ensure CSA has you listed for markets that you serve.


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      Thanks for the reply, we do have our inspectors listed on the CSA database and that has been a great resource. But what we have found in AZ. an NV. is a lack of response to inquiries about inspections, and or very long lead times for inspections when the CSA database is used or even the local websites of companies advertising CNG inspections. That is what I contribute our growth to, response, dependability, and our customer service. You are correct most private CNG owners are unaware or not concerned with the required inspections, however we do quite a few. The majority of our customer database is municipalities and truck fleets but we welcome all questions and service requests private or comecial.