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    I joined this trying to learn about trying to compress natural gas for farm use. My gas well of 20 plus years is beginning to drop pressure and i forsee a need to create a storage plan to get through maple syrup production in the near future.

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    Hello Hershey! This is an interesting post, a little out of my/our wheelhouse, but interesting. I've been involved in several ag CNG installatiosn. Tell me more about how you're using natural gas now. What pressures at the well head. What equipment are you running. What's a typical duty cycle on what you're using now? We'll help if we can. Best regards, afvman/Bill


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      Thanks for reply. I have owned a well for 17 years. Has been maintenance free up until a couple days ago when i got oil slime in the regulator. A good friend that works in the gas industry saved the day. We engineered a purge system with a "doubles lung" 2nd regulator, which should solve that problem. But my guage has always been pegged at 250, and it dropped to 25 and has since recovered to almost 50 in this warm up. I have realized that i need to be pro active and come up with a back up plan. My thoughts are large tanks, probably old propane tanks, and compress fill them in summer months when the well will rebounds, and have them in reserve. My winter heating needs are 220,000btu, but i boil maple syrup which will be starting in a week or two, and my new (untested) boiling set up is at least that much too. I am trying to research small pumps to dill those tanks. I saw the hype about the $500 home auto refueling and though that would work, but i realize that $500 is not reality when i found tgey cost $7000, so i am just getting my feet wet on who builds pumps, etc. It looks like scuba stuff is almost the same.


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        Hershey Try giving Sheldon sporting goods a call he may be able to fix you up something. I don't think you are going to get enough in propane tanks. You will need tanks that will take much higher pressure to get any bang for you buck in storage capacity. Good Luck with your project.


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          I would strongly caution you against even considering modified air compressors for use with natural gas! You must have explosion-proof motors, panels and pressure switches, and residential storing of CNG is prohibited per fire code NFPA-52 section 12.1.3

          Please see posts #3, 7, and 20 on this thread:

          How close would is the well / compressor site to your residence -- could it be considered a non-residential business location?

          You mentioned winter heating needs of just 220,000 btu (I assume this is a daily requirement) which is approx. two gasoline gallon equivalents of energy... How many days during the year? At this small load you might as well adjust the burner tips for propane


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            Interesting youtube video with a farmer and his gas well.