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  • Hello from Salt Lake City Utah

    Long time lurker, and reader of the forum not a long time owner, I have a little over 1K miles in my 2008 GX in less than a month. Just bought a 2008 with about 61K on the clock, I'm already wishing for more range and looking for a good mechanic for valve adjustment and filter change. I'm getting about 31-34 MPGGE and enjoying it so far and that was before changing the air filter and going to 34 psi in the tires. One of my questions is why does this thing heat up so fast? I'm debating on adding blue tooth and a remote start, I'm leaning away from the remote start as it heats up so fast.

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    Welcome to CNGchat!

    This is a great CNG shop in Salt Lake City - they do lots of work on Civic GX's and have reasonable shop rates. Ask for Justin:

    I see on your other post that you want a passenger-compartment install of the extra tank. Note that if this is to be done the tank will need to have vent bags and a cover, etc. But it has been done many times in Suburbans / Tahoes... unusual in a Civic.


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      Thank you I have exchanged a few emails with him, its been a few days since he replied.