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    I just bought a 2003 Honda Civic GX, 95,000 miles and was owned by a government agency and all maintenance was done as needed (except for the valve adjustment). I just replaced the spark plugs and next is the valve adjustment. Any helpful advice would be accepted

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    More than likely, the timing belt has never been changed. If not, at fifteen years old, it is certainly dry rotted and needs to be changed. At the same time, of course, change the water pump, timing belt tensioner, and the cam & crank seals. You're lucky those spark plugs weren't seized in there due to hard carbon buildup on the tips. If you plan on keeping the car for a long time, loosen and then re-tighten the spark plugs periodically to prevent them from seizing.
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      O-ring inside fuel receptacle should never need attention, but helps to have a spare with you in the event that it is dislodged and lost when fill nozzle disconnects. Note radio code for when battery gets disconnected. Carry 10mm open end wrench, fire extinguisher and boost box (now the size of a VCR cassette) because a dead battery means windows, steering, shifting and and door locks are non-functional. I follow the following maintenance schedule:

      By date:
      15 yr replace fuel tank (can run $4000)
      3 yr/36K tank inspection
      2 yr Filter A 16905-S1G-003 high pressure
      1 yr Filter B 16230-PMS-A03 low pressure (some on this blog suggest that it doesn’t really need replacing)
      1 yr/30K brake fluid flush
      1 yr/30K Power steering fluid flush

      By mileage:
      ​110K timing belt and water pump
      105K Replace plugs Autolite 5224 plugs; gap them to .044 torque 12 ft-lb AutoZone sells correct OEM part # IFR7F8DS
      95K CVT fluid flush
      60K replace coolant
      55K loosen and retighten plugs to prevent seizing
      50K alignment
      30K engine air filter
      30K adjust valve clearance
      10K oil/filter
      5K tire rotation front to rear; rear cross to front

      Apply for PG&E fueling card (no cost - monthly bill for any fuel used) if you ever plan to travel south of Medford Oregon. And, put your ignition key on a lanyard to loop it around the hose every time you fuel. Will avoid ever pulling hose off station dispenser which is not only inconsiderate to others but will normally result in a $500 reconnect charge (hose is designed to detach at 150lb pull.)


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        If VIN is 1HGEN26553L000084, State of Oregon may have provided you with the maintenance records showing both work done at the agency and other service done at Honda of Salem - the Motorpool service contractor.

        1101 Van Ness Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301 (971)701-2708


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          Additional note about fixing left rear fender damage, do not allow car to be put in an oven to cure the paint because the fuel tank should not be subjected to high heat.