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  • New Member with Home fueling question

    I just started but am looking for latest 2017 info on home cng unit have any come down in price?

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    Like a dramatic reduction ? The answer is no. prices have risen with inflation. This is specialty mechanical and electrical equipment produced in very low volume by just 2 manufacturers in the world , both in Europe. , and as such prices have risen with inflation. It cannot be compared to consumer electronics on price reductions over time. Very small manufacturers in China have produced these units, usually sold on E bay. Dubious quality, and zero parts/ warranty / service IMO.


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      Consider the fuel cost savings you will attain over time if you purchase a home vehicle refueling appliance (VRA). That is how I justified getting one.
      ?Depending upon local public CNG fuel prices, you could see savings between 2 to 3 times the cost per GGE with a home fueler.
      ?Also, sometimes there are used ones posted on eBay or Amazon for less cost than new.
      '13 Chev Silverado 2500 Ext Cab Factory Bi-Fuel
      '08 Green Tea Metallic GX
      FMQ-2-36 Fueler


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        thanks lakewood 90712 and cngyser, spent a couple days looking and came to the same answer when i first converted my 2013 silverado paid 78 cents now it's over 1.79 but gas is going up after the storm. Since i am not in a business 5-6 grand is a lot and if it takes 4-5 years to pay for it's self at 72 might not live that long haha but again thanks a lot mike


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          You can find a lot of good used CNG stuff around for real cheap. That's what I did and it makes it much more fun. I am fueling for about $ .50 GGE in NY and the used Fuelmaker FMQ-8-36 cost me $ 600. It has 4 compressors in it so I pulled the plugs on two of them because I am running it at my house and can only get 2 gge/hour threw my gas meter.