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new to this gaseous world 2011 Civic GX south of the SF bay 90 mile one way commute

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  • new to this gaseous world 2011 Civic GX south of the SF bay 90 mile one way commute

    Curious about other folks in the area, home charging, tips and tricks, modifications.

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    PG&E card would be helpful. They use their own proprietary card which activates Salinas, Santa Cruz, Cupertino and downtown SJ CNG stations, as well as three dozen others in Northern CA. San Leandro Honda offers CNG tank inspections at a reasonable price. And you then submit the report to PG&E and an account will be set up that you are billed monthly for usage only for gas purchased:

    A set of "solo driver" carpool lane access (white) stickers may be ordered from DMV since you now drive a super ultra-low emission vehicle (SULEV):

    I wouldn't bother with home fueling. There are plenty of fast-fill public CNG stations in your state. PLEASE put a lanyard on your car keys and HANG THEM ON THE FUELING HOSE while you fill. A distraction such as cell phone call, retrieving items from the trunk, checking the oil, can result in absentmindedly driving off with the hose connected. Fill hoses have a "breakaway" detachable fitting half-way up the hose that disconnects at 150 lbs force. There will be an expensive charge to have the station reconnect the hose (they know the credit card, security camera record, etc.)

    And - in the event of needing collision repair - these cars cannot go in an oven to bake the paint. The fuel tank may overpressure.


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      so, 180 miles a day...home fuel with a Fuelmaker PHILL fuels at .42 Gallons per hour

      @ 30 miles per gallon (honda civic GX) you would use about 6 gallons a day, figure 14-15 hours of fueling per session, about 4000 hours on the machine per year if you do the occasional weekend drive

      Check out the Coltri MCH-5, Fuels at 2.0-2.5 GGE per hour, do the research price compare, weigh the pros and cons (certified vs non-certified) many of us have been using the Coltri for years and no one on here has gone back to a fuelmaker after upgrading to the Coltri

      Also check out

      From the blog:

      "Over all I am happy with the MCH-5. After years of being tortured by the Fuelmaker C3 & Phil compressors, the MCH-5 has been pretty much trouble free. After the inter-cooler fix, the only maintenance I do is to change the oil, check the belt and check for loose bolts and fittings. The MCH-5 just runs and runs."

      Check out the Coltri forum there are plenty of ex-fuelmaker owners there.

      Ive never owned fuelmaker and ive never had cancer, from what i know of both i dont think i would like either one of them very much.
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        Welcome to the CNG world nmwllerly!

        When filling: first open the valve at the hose before activating the dispenser. This way the dispenser will see the pressure in your tank before beginning the fill process and give you a more complete fill - this is especially true for ANGI dispensers. And, as 300mile discusses, be careful not to drive away with the hose connected.


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          Ahhh, here we go again.

          In a previous thread trdscfjc stated that he has never owned a fuel maker product.
          Be sure to check out the Coltri threads before considering an uncertified compressor.

          The Phill may be too small of a compressor if you need more than 4 or 5 gge daily. The fmq2 would be a good workhorse for your needs. The oil free compressors eliminate oil changes, belts, filters and the high pressure oil carry over filter to keep your car filters clean.

          Fuel Maker compressors are certified by the AGA as appliances and eliminate many of the NFPA52 code requirements permitting installation near buildings and are not much different than installing a water heater or a stove..


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            Where are you filling now?
            Sold GX


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              And we're off. I manage quite well without any certification on my Coltri. I've made this point before.

              The Coltri meets Euro standards, and my own Brit equivalent. I'd be happy if it were the other way round, thus it met Yank standards but had not been put to the Euro/German/Brit stuff. I'd not fret.

              Frankly, keeping us Brits out of this I am confident anything with a Yank ticket will be OK, and anything that passes the German stuff is also good. So I cannot see the logic. Unless you really have some deep-seated need for a Yank ticket, and demand at gunpoint to pay the massive price hike that any manufacturer has to pass onto you the customer to get it, I fail to see why it is relevant. In fact, if I was a Yank, I'd Insist it doesn't have a Yank ticket. I know from my own manufactuing experience, Yank product-liabililty indemnity is so expensive, you have to load-up the product in every other world-market to cover it. This cost has something to do with you all litigating one another for millions every wet Tuesday.

              Be thankful Coltri have side-stepped it.
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                good points brit I have fooled with a few fuelmakers only as a favor to customers that have other real compressors with oil in them and I am also glad that I have nether a fm or cancer I dont drive my car without oil and I dont want to run a compressor without oil