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Happy to join this forum! Ruud from Tustin CA

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  • Happy to join this forum! Ruud from Tustin CA

    Hello there, would like to introduce myself briefly - name is Ruud Noordzij, born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to California in 2003 to marry his better half Annaliza. I was looking for a good reliable commuter car that would enable me to be a solo driver on the carpool lane (at the time I drove more than 2,500 miles per month) and a good friend of ours suggested to buy a Civic like he did a couple of years earlier. We got the car in October 2016 and my company downsized in November.... and I got laid off. Grrrr.... we decided to NOT part with it and now Annaliza drives it to San Diego every week. By no means powerful or super smooth compared to our other vehicles (Audi A4 and Subaru Outback XT) but it's easy to drive and the automatic box is pure heaven after a decade driving stick in California traffic. For sure I'll check it quite regularly for feedback and help as we get to know the Honda better and better (drove about 8,000 miles since we purchased it). Pics and more details to follow!

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    Welcome to CNGchat Ruud!
    What year is your CNG Civic? Pity that Honda stopped producing them after 2013. If you have questions specific to the car you can post them in the Honda Forum. We look forward to your participation here in our online community.