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bought a new CNG truck on ebay - any thoughts? 2013 Ford F-250

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  • bought a new CNG truck on ebay - any thoughts? 2013 Ford F-250

    For the last eight years I've had a 2002 Ford F-150 (with 7700 package) that is a dedicated CNG truck that I use for work. A couple years ago I replaced the cylinders with a QT 24 GGE cylinder, but it's got 162K miles on it.

    Anyway, I was browsing ebay and came across a newer one and decided it was time to upgrade.


    The listing advertised the GGE capacity higher than it is. It looks like the seller converted the # of liters into gallons and figured 1 GGE fits in 1 gallon (liquid) of space.

    I'm figuring it probably has 21 GGEs of capacity? Here's the cylinder description from the BAF owner's manual:

    2 - Faber 14" x 32" 60.5L
    1 - Faber 12" x 72" 121 L

    I'm used to having less capacity so it's not the end of the world, but I was hoping to stuff more in there the first time I filled up and was disappointed. Any ideas?

    Also, if anyone's interested in my old truck, I'm going to clean it up and put it on ebay in a month or so.
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    Oh yes, its the trade-off between all underbody tanks (providing a full truck bed to haul stuff) and a longer range vehicle with less bed storage due to the cylinder there. My rule of thumb is 12 water liters to the GGE on a fast-fill. So your tank package has about 15 or so GGE capacity on a fast-fill.