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bought a new CNG truck on ebay - any thoughts? 2013 Ford F-250

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  • bought a new CNG truck on ebay - any thoughts? 2013 Ford F-250

    For the last eight years I've had a 2002 Ford F-150 (with 7700 package) that is a dedicated CNG truck that I use for work. A couple years ago I replaced the cylinders with a QT 24 GGE cylinder, but it's got 162K miles on it.

    Anyway, I was browsing ebay and came across a newer one and decided it was time to upgrade.


    The listing advertised the GGE capacity higher than it is. It looks like the seller converted the # of liters into gallons and figured 1 GGE fits in 1 gallon (liquid) of space.

    I'm figuring it probably has 21 GGEs of capacity? Here's the cylinder description from the BAF owner's manual:

    2 - Faber 14" x 32" 60.5L
    1 - Faber 12" x 72" 121 L

    I'm used to having less capacity so it's not the end of the world, but I was hoping to stuff more in there the first time I filled up and was disappointed. Any ideas?

    Also, if anyone's interested in my old truck, I'm going to clean it up and put it on ebay in a month or so.
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    Oh yes, its the trade-off between all underbody tanks (providing a full truck bed to haul stuff) and a longer range vehicle with less bed storage due to the cylinder there. My rule of thumb is 12 water liters to the GGE on a fast-fill. So your tank package has about 15 or so GGE capacity on a fast-fill.


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      My wife drives a 2012 F250 (crew cab, short bed) with the exact tank package as your new truck. If you convert the water volume, theoretically its ~20 GGE capacity, but like John said you'll never see that using fast-fill (or even slow fill for that matter since the high-pressure regulator needs to have 200 psi to operate).

      The most I've ever been able to dispense in our truck (after driving 30 miles with the low fuel light on) was 16.5 GGE. As far as range, figure on 175 in town. I think our record was 230 on the freeway.

      Other than a less-than-desirable range, our truck has been great and hasn't given us a lick of problems. If you wanted an ultimate range package, you could take the 24 GGE cylinder from your 7700 and add it to the bed of the F250.

      Have fun with your new purchase.
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        Thanks for the replies. Yeah, it would be great to take the cylinder from my old truck and add it to the new one, but then I'd just have to dispose of the old truck. I also like having the extra space for a tool box in the new truck.

        I've been cleaning up the old truck and plan to list it on ebay and Craigslist tomorrow. I'm not sure if there will be much interest in it though. When I've searched, I've had a hard time finding CNG trucks listed for sale. We'll see.


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          I was on ebay and saw that someone is selling unused Quantum Technologies 24 GGE cylinders for $950 shipped. I paid over $3K for the one I put in my old truck.

          The place that replaced my old cylinders charged about $1,500 to do all of the work.

          I'm wondering how hard it would be to get one of these cylinders added to the bed of my truck?


          I think I'm going to call Westport/BAF next week and ask them what's involved in adding an extra cylinder.

          I think I'll also try to call Quantum Technologies and ask them about the cost of any brackets or other parts I would need.

          I suppose after that I'll check in with the shop that did the cylinder replacement on my old truck to get an estimate.

          I should say that even though I've had one of these for the last eight years, I don't know that much about all of the technical/regulatory issues involved with doing something like this.

          I was thinking that I could build a wooden crate/box around the outside the cylinder to protect it from light and the elements to save the expense of buying a pre-made box. Is that okay?

          Any advice is appreciated.

          I'm thinking:

          $950 - cylinder
          $100 - box
          $1,000 - installation
          $150 - towing to CNG station to fill (I assume they'd have to drain the other cylinders to do the work?)
          $300 - any brackets parts, hoses, etc.
          $2,500 - Total

          Is that realistic? Am I leaving anything out?
          This is a 24 GGE tank. Does not include the mounting brackets. I do not have them but you can buy them from Quantum. Multiply 24 by your MPG. 90% of that number is roughly your range on this tank.
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            no reason to tow truck just close the valve and run cng out of lines. as to the wooden box it is ok I think but a nice clean install can be done with a cheap aluminum tool box from one of the cheap tool stores with the bottom cut out find one that the tank will fit in and cut out and set it over the tank and bolt it to the side rails of the truck make sure no rubbing of the tank. tip block the tank brackets up 4 inch's and also the side rails if need be. this will let you slide ply wood and other long things under it and close the tailgate so nothing sildes out .


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              That's all great information, thanks!