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CNG Natural Gas or Biogas cars. The blunt truth is Electric cars winning. But why?

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  • CNG Natural Gas or Biogas cars. The blunt truth is Electric cars winning. But why?

    Over the 3-4 years it become apparent that the future if you listen to the media is either electic or hydrogen powered cars. Drive a Tesla or a Prius and you're considered 'on the pace'. CNG or even LPG fails to get even a mention. There is no goldent bullet with any of these fuels, and it seems Electricty is not all that viable. It's certainly no greener, it just moves the pollution somewhere else. It's potential to source power from renewable energy is almost as far from practical reality as the Biomethane solutions.

    With current technology, in order of environmental impact and viabilty, none are great. Yet the stupidity list seems to go:

    Steam power
    Wood engines
    Hydrogen with current tech.
    Electricity via current fossil sources
    CNG via current fossil sources
    Biogas / Biomethane
    Electricity via renewables.

    You might reasonably argue with my order but overall it's broadly correct. Some might say that Biomethan was the least stupid. The best of a bad bunch.

    With methane from whichever source working today, it may not be the winner, yet it's a real front-runner. Why is it not even considered as such when Hydrogen is?

    And i hate to think of the energy soak and the toxic cocktail all these cells will create? Suddenly a 20 year old CNG cylinder looks very good.
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    This is an wonderful conversation to have. The same questions confuse me here in California. Why did CARB/EPA kill off consumer CNG vehicles? I think that CNG should be the automotive fuel of choice purely on economic grounds. The cost per unit energy wins by a long shot. The challenges are in economies of scale: compressors and fuel systems.

    The huge point that you make here is: given the current implementation of electric and hydrogen, these options are terrible by all metrics.

    Why are the "experts" so dumb?


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      Some things remain a mystery...
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        It's because CNG is a hydrocarbon gas, and hydrocarbon is a bad word these days.