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Oklahoma State University has AWESOME CNG Fleet

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  • Oklahoma State University has AWESOME CNG Fleet

    Attended my daughter's Oklahoma State University graduation this weekend and drove by their CNG fleet to take a look:
    . . . 3 full-size charter buses CNG (assume these travel regional where CNG available)
    . . . 11 medium size shuttle buses for student travel (called "The Bus") all CNG
    . . . 4 small shuttle buses for student travel all CNG
    . . . unique VRG vehicle for handicapped student travel that is CNG

    Above CNG fleet is MAJORITY of all buses they have, as the others only include:
    . . . 3 full-size charter buses (presume these are diesel for long-range team travel)
    . . . 8 small shuttle buses for student travel (again assume for long-range travel)

    Was very impressed with the OSU fleet of CNG vehicles !!

    Price at the Clean Energy public pump was $1.44/gge but problems with dispensers prevented me from filling. I've put in call for maintenance tech.

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    Forgot to mention this was in Stillwater, OK for those of you not familiar. There are 3 public CNG pumps in the small town. Campus of OSU has a Clean Energy pump at intersection of Western Ave and Lakeview Rd.

    Other public CNG pumps in town are:
    . . . ONG (Oklahoma Natural Gas) just off of Perkins Rd. on N end of town
    . . . OnCue Express (Phillips 66 petrol filling station also) at S end of town - - - 1402 S Perkins Rd