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Where are we with the new administration?

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  • Where are we with the new administration?

    Ok, We will have Trump for the next 4 years. Where do fellow CNG Chat followers see the industry going? How about the 50 cent per GGE tax rebate/ subsidy?

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    Well, it seems Trump is pro-energy and will likely make the XL Keystone pipelines happen, etc. So its likely that incoming DOE secretary Rick Perry of Texas will be all about expanding use of domestic fuel. But what I'm hearing from NGV America is that the 50 cent tax credit would have to be re-born inside a comprehensive tax reform bill, as opposed to the "tax extenders" method which was used in years before to keep it and other tax perks alive.


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      in my opinion either eliminate the 7500 tax credit for rich guys that buy 185,000 $ teslas or offer it both for cng vehicles and electrics....better yet have a cap of 40 or 50 thousand dollars for the max price of a passenger vehicle (F150 sized vehicles or smaller).

      This offers the biggest benefit to the people who need it, lets be honest if you can afford a 185,000 silicon valley status symbol do you really need a 7500$ tax credit?

      this isnt against tesla, i really see no problem with a 30-40k model 3 being offered with a tax credit.

      If there was a 7500$ credit would honda of cancelled the CNG civic program?
      or the impala bi-fuel for that matter.


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        I have bought cars with or without the Federal tax credit. Yeah, I guess I am one of the "rich guys" that bought a new Tesla and took advantage of the tax credit---for about half of the 185,000 $ trdscfjc mentioned. I also bought a $35,000 Chevy Volt and also took advantage of the credit. During the time the credit was available I also bought several CNG vehicles the last being a 2015 Impala. The credit really had no influence on what vehicle I purchased. I looked at it as a reduction in the purchase price of the vehicle, nothing else. It is an incentive to promote something to government wants to have happen, i.e. the adoption of electric vehicles. The credit is reduced and ended after each manufacturer produces X amount of vehicles. The credit is a blessing and a curse. If you buy a new car and then decide to trade or sell it, you can write the value down by $7,500 as nobody is going to buy a used car for what they can get a new one for--so you need to keep the vehicle for the long haul. Also, as the better selling electrics become more mainstream, the manufacturer will reach his limit on sales and then his vehicle's cost will be $7,500 more than his competitor. My feeling is that all alternative fuel vehicles (and I am not talking about the E-85 B.S.) should be able to take advantage of this credit. If not, than there should be no credit (Federal, local or State) for any vehicle. Electric vehicles are now mainstream enough that people will buy them if they fit their needs with or without the credit. CNG vehicles have always faced an uphill battle because of limited refueling sites, fuel cost ratio v.s. gasoline or diesel, reduction in cargo capacity and a limited selection of vehicles. As far as the cancellation of the CNG Civic or the Impala they currently don't make economic sense even if the credit had been applied with today's low gasoline pricing. So although I would like to see natural gas being used more as a transportation fuel, I don't think the future bodes well for passenger car and light truck adoption. The only way it could happen is if the government decrees that a certain amount of the vehicle mix is powered by a specific fuel. That was tried by the State of California over a decade ago with electrics and you can see what happened with that so don't expect the Federal government to do anything to help CNG.


        • Chip Marce
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          I don't think the issue is so much a tax credit as the lack of refueling stations. In that, I think that the Natural Gas industry is largely retarding it's own progress. Offer refueling options that are accessible, that allow for long distance travel, and fuel that is half the cost of gasoline and you'll have an audience.

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        If the 50 cent a gallon "rebate" is removed I can serious problems ahead for CNG station competitiveness. If EPA standards are relaxed the only CNG growth we will see will be in Oklahoma and California.


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          Minded to the fact that your petrol prices means you're virtually given the stuff ( even allowing for a imperial gallon being about a fifth bigger than a US gallon, we still pay approx three times US prices, about USD10 a US gallon) I did wonder what the incentive was your side of the pond. Do I have this correct, you get USD0.50 per GGE in rebate? How do you cliam this or is this all done at point of sale?

          So without tax breaks is CNG still viable?

          BTW CNGPizza, thank you for the Recepetacle you're sorting out for me.
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            CNG for passenger car use seems nearly dead in 2017. With/without Trump admin.
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            • KSneedsCNG
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              CNG prices just went up for ONG (Oklahoma Natural Gas) at their statewide public CNG pumps to $1.60/gge that were previously $1.42 from January when they had increased from $0.95/gge when the 50 cent Excise Tax subsidy fell off.

              Really a shame that CNG doesn't get CONSISTENT push to use as transportation fuel. Just saw my first ELECTRIC plug-in recharger at a OK gas station . . . wait for it . . . . that did NOT have a public CNG refueling pump !! WTH !! This was GIANT station with 16 pumps (ie 32 hoses counting both sides) and MASSIVE awning over everything. This was right off I-35 in OK that could definitely could use a CNG pump at that location.

              Also, Trump just announced he is authorizing EXPORT of LNG to China . . . . crap . . . . why in world would we sell on the cheap our NG ?? They get benefit of replacing heavy pollution of their coal-fired powerplants . . . . and USA gives away natural gas abundance that SHOULD Be Used HERE in USA first. Arrrrrrgggh. USA is on downward spiral with scatter-brain Trump who is NOT helping USA as promised.

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            Ok, It is show time. We have 2 weeks left... Call your Lefty and Righty congressmen both and tell them you need the Alternative Fuel tax credit.
            Amazing I went to Florida with Cowboy to check out all those compressors he was talking about....I bought 5!, I drove a dedicated Chevy 2500 HD back from Miami and had no fueling problems. CNG is now it is up to those that understand the benefits to push the politicians.


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              I understand the alternative fuel tax credit is not in the Tax Reform package, but NGV America is expecting to see it in a Tax Extenders bill soon.