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  • Need help in Wisconsin

    I am looking to potentially purchase a bi-fuel vehicle from Honda Motorwerks in La Cross, Wisconsin (see website). I have 2 questions....1) Has anyone had any dealings with this dealership? 2) Are there any members who live close to La Cross that would be willing to visibly view and test drive the vehicle for me prior to making the purchase and arranging shipping? I am in Tennessee with 3 year old twins so it's next to impossible for me to get up to Wisconsin. I will pay you for your time.


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    Just looked at the dealer website, alt fuel vehicle section. Quite a selection. Very rare. Most dealers don't know cng and don't want to know. Good luck on the van search.


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      I purchased my Civic from this dealer. They were very polite to the customer before me who was denied credit and I watched them kindly explain the issue. They gave me a OK deal at the time, although now I wish I had waited for a lower price. I was unimpressed by the Honda certified warranty not the dealers fault but I would not spend extra for that again. If I didn't buy that night the eligibility from Honda for the warranty would expire because it had been certified and sat on the dealers lot for a year. Had I waited I probably could have gotten it for less because it wouldn;t have had the warranty. The certified used warranty refused to cover warped rotors 400 miles after purchase and called it a wear part. I agree its a wear part but should not go bad that fast, FYI the engine and transmission are also wear parts. Refused to cover my de-laminating mirror and broken vent control with the bumper to bumper Honda certified used warranty as these where "non-covered parts". I would say probably the best sales and finance experience I have had at a dealer.