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Biomethane/bio-CNG might make more sense than ethanol

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  • Biomethane/bio-CNG might make more sense than ethanol

    Ethanol compromises arable land and has some effects on the price and availability of food, while biomethane can be sourced from organic residues with little to no commercial value, including residues from food-processing such as vegetable peels, and leftovers from slaughtering and meat-processing such as blood, poultry feathers and offal in general. Actually, some cellulosic vegetable residues can be turned into the so-called "second-generation ethanol", but it's still easier and cheaper to use it as a feedstock for biomethane.

    While ethanol decreases mileage compared to gasoline, a CNG volume equivalent (in my country it's called "cubic meter", altough it's not so accurated) can provide 20% higher mileage than a litre of gasoline.

    A transition from fossil fuel (either gasoline or CNG and LPG) to biomethane is also safer, since it doesn't have so many corrosibility issues as ethanol does.

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    Re: Biomethane/bio-CNG might make more sense than ethanol

    Offal, also known as variety meat and organ meat in America, is one of those things that gives people the shivers sometimes. Other ways "offal" can be used:


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      Re: Biomethane/bio-CNG might make more sense than ethanol

      I agree whole heartedly on the merits of bio-digestion.
      Offal is usually avoided as the final waste product can contain pathogens. Other waste products are natural digested fertilizer.
      A 300 cow farm can produce 165,000 gge of CNG a year. (I was told that by a digester manufacturer. Not sure if that is cleaned of carbon dioxide or not)
      At this point I'll bite my tongue as one of my daughters is married to a corn farmer. (ethanol farmer) I do have opinions but best not to get into them publicly.