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    well the price of gas is down. oh so is the number of posts on the site. it seems to me every time gasoline drops everyone forgets that it will go back up. I have noticed the phone has almost quit ringing. but that is fine as the people calling are the real players and going forward as they realize that this is temporary and Exxon will raise the prices again.

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    Re: to cheap

    I agree cowboy, the price of gas at the pump regulates the number of phone calls. That will change soon enough.

    As I see it, ISIS, ISIL or whatever you call them, have control of 2 oil wells in Iraq. 80,000 bbls a day output being put on the black market at $40 bbl. China rented the largest oil tanker in the world. Can't imagine what for. Ha!

    The modular refinery bombings in Syria was a test of global attention. Peanuts.

    There are 3 scenarios I opine about: Opec will not put up with the low price of oil.

    Iran will take over Iraq enabling control of all the wells in Iran.

    The IS controlled wells in Iraq will be blown up to stop the black market price cut and lower production. Who will get blamed? IS of course.

    The Opec meeting is coming up later this month. If the production remains high and the price low, it will be to destroy the US oil production there by lowering the global rate of production, raising the price of oil.

    Just my opinion. Natural gas can/will eliminate the need for imported Opec oil. OPEC can lose control of the global market but only with the adoption of CNG in the US fleet market.


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      Re: to cheap

      Our business is still strong, as fleets and municipalities are better at looking long term... and they want quality conversion systems. I hope it continues.


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        Re: to cheap

        One thing to bear in mind, with the new fracking tech in the US, new oil recovery is advancing. The US is supposed to be the #1 iol supplier in the world by 2015. This should stabilize oil prices. Your remarks on OPEC are correct. They're entire infrastructure is based on oil. They must have around $90 a bbl to maintain the country. ISIS is not much of a factor and we've recovered (on Wall Street) from the Iran threats. I think it will rise again, but not return to the wild fluctuations unless something unforeseen happens.

        The medium and heavy duty sector will continue to transition. Municipality and other EPAct fleets will transition under regulatory requirements. OEM's will focus on EV's/hybrids for the consumer and light duty drivers, like many here, will not soon find OEM options in dealerships for CNG vehicles. Fleet turnover and conversions will remain the main source for most.


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          Re: to cheap

          let opec pound sand and drink oil.hope they drown in oil that they cant sell. yippy yea hoo. no oil money they will become a crap hole in the sand as they were for thousands of years. ROTFLOL