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New Bi-Fuel Toyota Truck (Hilux in Thailand)

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  • New Bi-Fuel Toyota Truck (Hilux in Thailand)

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    Re: New Bi-Fuel Toyota Truck (Hilux in Thailand)

    More tanks in the back routine. Major PITA, especially in a small truck.

    I do like the way they have raised it up so you can still carry some long items like wood, etc.

    i wonder who is providing the hardware.
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      Re: New Bi-Fuel Toyota Truck (Hilux in Thailand)

      There's more details in that Thailand info about this bi-fuel Toyota about other cng's in Thailand. See portion below:

      A CNG powered Mitsubishi Triton can be had in Thailand, but this Hilux conversion is factory fitted and official warranties apply. The Hilux is the second Toyota model that gets a factory CNG conversion in Thailand, after the Corolla.

      That's at least 3 cng vehicles available in Thailand . . . . including Corolla!! Curious what range on cng Corolla has??

      Sad day for USA when Thailand has more available cng vehicles than USA.


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        Re: New Bi-Fuel Toyota Truck (Hilux in Thailand)

        Thailand do not have major oil companies fighting CNG like we do.


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          Re: New Bi-Fuel Toyota Truck (Hilux in Thailand)

          Yep, Thailand has a running head-start on USA as well in overall cng vehicle count. I read that largest cng facility in world is in Singapore (Toh Tuck) with 46 hoses. Next largest cng facility is 44 hoses in Bangkok. See at:

          Somewhere I also saw a giant cng facilty by Shell but can't find it today.

          According to the 2010 stats for Thailand say they have 219,000 cng vehicles and 426 cng refueling stations which puts them number 9 in the world. See at:

          By comparison, USA is mediocre 14th place and only 112,000 cng vehicles and approx 1,000 cng refueling stations. Since these are 2010 numbers, I'd expect USA to improve and move closer to top 10.
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            Re: New Bi-Fuel Toyota Truck (Hilux in Thailand)

            Its driveline is essentially the same as the Tacoma's one. By the way, I've already seen some aftermarket conversions that had the tanks mounted under the bed in the spare tyre stock location, this is the most usual setup for trucks in South America...


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              Re: New Bi-Fuel Toyota Truck (Hilux in Thailand)

              March 30, 2015 | The “Honda City” bi-fuel vehicle, with a 40 litre gasoline tank and 65 liter CNG tank, is now being offered in Trinidad and Tobago. It is able to travel 350 km on CNG and has a bi-fuel range in excess of 800 km. Selling for $23,500, the vehicle, introduced to the market 17 March 2015, is manufactured by Honda in Thailand.

              Available with a sports transmission (Model CNG-S) or standard automatic transmission (Model CNG-V), the Honda comes with a 1497 cc in-line 4-cylinder engine able to deliver 120hp at 6,600 rpm and 107 lb-ft (145 N m) torque at 4,600 rpm.

              “The Honda CNG will make it even more convenient and enjoyable to tap into the desirable and abundant supply of natural gas that lies beneath Trinidad,” said Jim Burrell, assistant vice-president of American Honda Motor Compan*y.