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    Re: Hexagon Composites Receives US Permit for Gas Transport Modules

    Way cooool !!!!

    And without a doubt the strongest and lightest fuel container for carrying gaseous fuels. In the event of a terrible tractor truck wreck, it would be a BORING non-event as gaseous fuel would slowly disperse through PRD (pressure relief device), if at all.

    Someday these monster tanks will be embedded in wings of Boeing monster-size CNG or Hydrogen powered jets!!


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      Re: Hexagon Composites Receives US Permit for Gas Transport Modules

      15 May 2014 Raymond NH - As reported by WMUR 9 ABC, an intermodal container flipped upside down, closing lanes of Route 101 in New Hampshire. Inside were four empty TITAN CNG tubes at 500 psi which safely vented before the box was hoisted onto a flatbed to carry away from the scene.

      XNG purchased 20 of the Lincoln Composites storage containers in Aug 2012 which are used to transport natural gas to commercial operations like factories and hospitals. Its customers in the Northeast don't have gas (pipeline) service and XNG gets the gas from the main pipeline without the markup from a local utility.

      This last link shows the accident and may take awhile to load. Some images from the clip are attached.
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        Joseph Bebon for NGTNews November 30, 2017 - Hexagon Lincoln has announced a new purchase order for TITAN 4 trailers from Certarus Ltd., a provider of fully integrated CNG delivery solutions, with a total value of $10.4 million. Deliveries are scheduled for first quarter of 2018.

        We continue to see strong growth in the Mobile Pipeline market driven by the desire to reduce fuel costs and pollutant emissions, says Miguel Raimao, Mobile Pipeline vice president at Hexagon Lincoln.