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India Awash in CNG Vehicle Selection

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  • India Awash in CNG Vehicle Selection

    I ran onto this article about CNG vehicle demand increasing in India. Look at the list of major players with or introducing CNG vehicles. Major players like Toyota, Hyundai and GM. A CNG Hyundai Accent would be major competition for the Civic GX especially in California. Come on guys start certifying some of these vehicles in the US.

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    Re: India Awash in CNG Vehicle Selection

    Yep, what a contrast that India leads country like USA at something like customer options??

    That's what 8 yrs of Pres George "Jr" Bush will do you, along with Big Oil and morons in position of power within the USA bureaucracy. Just hope and pray that Obama has seen the light and will push CNG Movement in quick and USA-wide direction.

    Momentum is swinging for CNG to make big move . . . what we need is OTR trucks to have both blend and full cng models and enough truck stops to begin spread all across the USA. IMHO, I think CNG should become "Nationalized" fuel of the next 20 years and put LOTS of people to work (like 100,000 to 250,000 jobs) building infrastructure and converting vehicles all across USA to run on CNG & LNG. Repeat the success of Utah and Oklahoma with cheap fuel in all 48 continental states and CNG would be desired fuel for all, and immediately reduce dependence on foreign crude oil. Imagine what $0.99 per gge CNG all across the USA could do???!!!##??!

    Obama, along with a smarter and less corrupt EPA and auto industry, cng all across the USA has a real chance if we jump on IT RIGHT NOW !!


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      Re: India Awash in CNG Vehicle Selection

      if we had all the class 8 trucks on cng you can bet the price would go up just because esso wants to and they got it and you dont


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        Re: India Awash in CNG Vehicle Selection

        In India there is a lot of vehicles made dedicated-CNG, not just from the major players. Also, in some cities it's mandatory for public service vehicles to run on it, including ambulances, taxis and transit buses. Only military vehicles and fire-fighting trucks are exempt of this rule.


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          July 19 2019 India Today - Tata Motors on Monday rolled out the country's first bio-CNG (bio-methane) bus. The bio-methane engines (5.7 SGI & 3.8 SGI) will be available on light and medium buses. Tata Motors has pioneered the introduction of natural gas vehicles (CNG) in the country, for close to two decades.