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    The natural gas man , Clean Energy founder , dead at 91 . Love him or hate him, his actions were huge in CNG and LNG for trucks
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    Yes, he was such a driving force for natural gas vehicles and will be missed.
    Who can forget the Picken's Plan initiative which brought so much interest for CNG?

    Thanks for the heads-up about his passing.


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      Carolyn Davis for Shale Daily / NGI All News Access September 12, 2019 - T. Boone Pickens Remembered as Natural Gas, Oil Visionary

      . . . He formed Pickens Fuel Corp. in 1997 to promote natural gas as the best vehicular fuel alternative. Reincorporated as Clean Energy Fuels Corp. in 2001, the company built natural gas fueling stations across the United States and in Canada.

      “Words cannot express the sadness the Clean Energy family and myself feel at the loss of our co-founder, leader and friend,” CEO Andrew J. Littlefair said. “I worked closely with Boone for 32 years and he became a father-like figure and true mentor to me. If it wasn’t for his entrepreneurial vision to bring cleaner and domestic natural gas to the transportation market, Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (incorporated 2001) would not exist today.

      Pickens said at the time there was "a pitiful case of leadership,” in Washington, DC. “The American people do not understand energy...and they are not getting the truth."