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Mobile CNG Compressor Launched in U.S.

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  • Mobile CNG Compressor Launched in U.S.

    Onboard Dynamics (ObDI), an Oregon-based innovator in alternative refueling technologies, has launched its GoFlo™ CNG-80 mobile natural gas compressor for commercial use. The compression capacity of the GoFlo CNG-80 compressor makes it cost-effective for smaller fleets of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, as well as for the initial deployment of CNG …
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    OMG! I hope it's not another "Hurricane". We all know how that went. I went to their website and really can't find any details about the GNG80 which appears to be their only product. No Idea about how it's powered (except it is gas engine driven) or what it's capacity is--the "80" in the model designation might mean 80 CFM or something else. I wish them luck in their venture.


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      Hi there, if you want to know the specifics, please let me know. The product specs are well defined and the system is in service.
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        Welcome to CNGchat Peter,
        It would be helpful to have the specifications posted here. I assume its a natural gas fired engine? What is the SCFM throughput at, say 40 psi inlet?


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          Hi John, here is a link to the features sheet. Specs are available by contacting us directly. To answer your question, inlet is 5-20psi and output is currently 50-80scfm.
          Mobile and Scalable • Self-powered by clean-burning natural gas. No connection to external electrical power required. • Trailer-mounted system that can be moved with a half ton pickup. •...


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            Betsy Lillian for NGTNews October 17, 2018 - Pacific Northwest Utility Adopts GoFlo Mobile CNG Compressor

            Onboard Dynamics has delivered its GoFlo CNG80 mobile compressor unit to NW Natural, an independent natural gas utility in the Pacific Northwest.

            The initial GoFlo mobile compressor was delivered in September to NW Natural s Sherwood OR service center. (The center has a CNG station outside the fleet yard, not open to the public due to PUC constraints about a public utility competing with public station developers.)

            The GoFlo has a unique design that we feel will help to expand CNG adoption throughout the Northwest, says Chris Kroeker, product manager for natural gas vehicles at NW Natural. (GoFlo is in Bend OR and, basically, was supported as a business startup by NW Natural which suggested an engine in a pickup not be adapted to fill its own tank, but that the unit be trailer mounted as a stand-alone unit.)



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              i always worry when a new manufacturer wont tell what it is offering ie who's compressor they are using or building their own from scratch what motor they are twisting it with how many hours for rebuild what cool new ideas they have incorporated in to it send me to a site that dose not tell me much about it.or contact them directly no photos with the side panels open. just hope it is not more pixie dust as we need some good gas driven compressors as there are lots of places with no 3 phase to run a real compressor with power