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No more CNG passenger vehicles for Ca. ?

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  • No more CNG passenger vehicles for Ca. ?

    While Tesla and Elon Musk get Billions in subsidies the high cost of a piece of paper (CARB cert.) has forced Landi Renzo to stop purseing CARB approval

    I wonder if the safety/emission nazis will finally speak up and say that CARB has gone overboard on their bureaucracy and regulations.

    Here is a idea....lets make it so expensive to get a CNG vehicle approved in that no one does it...Congratulations CARB.....CON-GRAT-U-LA-TIONS, YOU DID IT !!!!!!!!!
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    civics - done

    new F150's - no CARB certifications for carpool lane

    might as well just hang on to my '01 F150/supercab and just fix it when it breaks!


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      Page 2 - 2017 CNG Vehicles - of AFDC Alternative Fuel Vehicles buyers guide lists 5 pickups and 4 vans offered by Ford, GM and Dodge. No imports:


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        The article on Landi Renzo mentions the shrinking number of emissions labs which are recognized by CARB. That is a new one for me, but I assume this is correct. The other issue which is not mentioned is the fact that from model year 2018 all vehicles must have a working OBD monitoring system. Up until now it was OK for medium-duty alternative fuel vehicles over GVWR 10,000 lbs to have a simple catalyst monitor only. So getting through CARB with the Ford E-450 van chassis, F-550 truck chassis, or GM 6 liter 4500 chassis was a simple exercise of carrying-forward your engine test data year after year. And these have been the mainstay of the CNG vehicle business in California for shuttle buses, work trucks & vans, etc.

        But now the aftermarket folks are facing model year 2018 and have got to do the full OBD monitor demonstration on CNG -- which is not a trivial task. And, the demonstrations typically have to be performed every year, as the OEM usually has a tweak or two in the monitoring strategies for gasoline, which must again be validated to set the correct error codes and check engine light after the CNG conversion. That's why there have been but few light-duty conversion offerings in California for a long time. And why medium-duty vehicle offerings will likely not be offered after this year.

        Note also that EPA also requires OBD compliance for all vehicles from model year 2018. But the EPA demonstration requirements are far less expensive, and EPA's turn-around time on OBD applications is a matter of days, -- not months as is usually the case with CARB.


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          Part of the problem stems from the VW emissions scandal. CARB pulled the accreditations from a number of labs. Only the labs that provided the necessary kickbacks to CARB board members got to keep their ability to stay in business.

          Joking of course, though it wouldnt surprise me.

          This drives the cost up and lengthens the time it takes to get a CARB cert. Crony capitalism at its best: Crony capitalism

          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          Crony capitalism is an economy in which businesses thrive not as a result of risk taken for them, but rather, as a return on money amassed through a nexus between a business class and the political class. This is done using state power to crush genuine competition in handing out permits, government grants, special tax breaks, or other forms of state intervention[1][2] over resources where the state exercises monopolist control over public goods, for example, mining concessions for primary commodities or contracts for public works. Money is then made not merely by making a profit in the market, but by profiteering by 'rent seeking' using this monopoly or oligopoly. Entrepreneurship and innovative practices, which seek to reward risk are stifled, since the value-add is little by crony businesses as hardly anything of significant value is created by them, with transactions taking the form of 'trading'.
          Crony capitalism spills over into the government, the politics and the media,[3] when this nexus distorts the economy and affects society to an extent it corrupts public-serving economic, political and social ideals.
          The term "crony capitalism" made a significant impact in the public, as an explanation of the Asian financial crisis.[4] It is also used to describe governmental decisions favoring "cronies" of governmental officials. In this context, the term is often used interchangeably with corporate welfare; to the extent that there is a difference, it may be the extent to which a government action can be said to benefit individuals rather than entire industries.

          Last year one Carb employee made a approximately 256,000$ in 3 separate "jobs",
          Confidential Technical Support -12 Month-84,500$
          Air Pollution Specialist - 103,000$
          Associate Governmental Program Analyst - 68,400$
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