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what is the next evolution of ngv tanks? 3000psi>3600psi>4200psi or even 5000psi??

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  • what is the next evolution of ngv tanks? 3000psi>3600psi>4200psi or even 5000psi??

    just wondering if there was any chatter about the next evolution of cng tank pressures

    the 3600 psi tanks have been around for awhile now and im curious what is next, i have seen quantum 5000 psi tanks for virtual pipeline use but have not heard nothing new on vehicle tank pressures

    I am well aware of the extra strain on the compressors for compressing to higher pressures, i am also aware that some of these hydrogen compressors compress to 10,000 psi or more so i know an additional 500-1500 psi more pressure then the standard cng pressure is not that big of a mountain to traverse

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    A company I am involved with in Australia runs its refuse and mine trucks at 350 bar (5000 psi) CNG.

    Quantum and Lincoln both have type 4 cylinders for these pressures. The challenge is the internal heat of compression on fast-fills as without gas chilling they get hot - up to and even above the 82 degC maximum under the NGV2 standard. But it does provide 22% more fuel onboard on a time-fill operation. Even more on a fast-fill with gas chilling.


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      the gas chilling is pretty interesting, i remember reading about the largest cng refuelling depot in Spain(?), they fast filled several dozen buses simultaneously taking only 2-3 minutes per bus....big money im sure

      I think it was Galileo site.

      John, if there is a new standard (NGV3 ?) what do you think the new pressure rating will be?

      i saw fuelmaker has a fmq 7-42, not sure if that was in anticipation of a new standard or not


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        I have thought about the cooling the gas a lot. even did some testing a few years back.I did write about it. it was one Christmas and I was going to my moms so I added relief valves and filled my truck to 3000 at 0 degrees and got up every hour and toped the tanks and left as the sun came up and the temp started rising I found that as I drove the gas being consumed was just about the same as pressure was rising from the temp it was 60 degrees when I got to moms house. when I got there if I remember right I still had 2800 psi now keep in mind that I have very big tanks and a small motor. this was a 400 mile trip and I was still full after traveling that far as at 70 degrees it would have been about 2980. now this is a truck that would go about 900 miles so to add 400 is really doing something I was thinking about putting the tanks in a vacuum to insulate them and a cold coil inside the tanks running r12 from the ac though it to keep the gas cold. this was several years ago if anyone want to hunt the original post. so I think I added30 or 40 % usable gas


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          Cowboy did you have to modify your drivers seat to accommodate your man parts?

          Because you must have a huge set of cojones to drive around with that amount of volume in those tanks.