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CNG and Hydrogen Mixture Can Reduce Emissions by 80%

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  • CNG and Hydrogen Mixture Can Reduce Emissions by 80%

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    July 20, 2017 Lauren Tyler for NGTNews - According to the company - Commercial Hydrogen - the introduction of hydrogen to the diesel trucks yielded results similar to the switch to natural gas.

    One of the issues with CNG is it typically gets 11 percent lower mileage than its diesel counterparts (which average 7.2 MPG). Commercial Hydrogen has helped solve that problem with the additional mileage that the hydrogen system gives our trucks.

    Commercial Hydrogen is a retrofit technology that can be installed today on virtually any semi truck on the road, it is positioned to make the biggest impact on the economy of the U.S. trucking industry.


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      i would be curious to see what one would get if someone put a hydrogen nozzle on their civic fill up with 3600 psi of cng then top off at a 350 bar hydrogen station, this would yield approximately 70% cng and 30% hydrogen

      I know it would be over the max tank pressure, but would be curious what this would have on range


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        I seem to recall some thread long ago about a station using an 85/15 CNG/H2 mix with good results. Juicing up diesel fuel with H2 would clean up the emissions, and might be kind of dangerous . Crude oil storage and transport has hazards from H2 coming off the surface.Trying to induce H2 back into the liquid. Fogging should work safely. Just my non scientific 2 cents worth.
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          I have to question the safety of H2. Unlocked from the carbon atom. (as in CH4) Hydrogen is the smallest molecule with the ability to permeate and embrittle many materials. Special tanks? Shortened tank life? Why not just go with LNG or LCNG?

          I've run on LCNG. (off gas from LNG) All the adulterants dropped out at cryogenic temps. Improved my mileage 3 to 5 MPG. I was impressed
          Kwik Trip stopped selling LCNG saying they were losing money on it. (sold at same as the CNG price) Heck I'd a paid a premium for it. (I think it was catching on in the CNG crowd and slowed the sale quantity of CNG) My understanding is the KT LCNG is still available, just not to the public.


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            July 20, 2017 Lauren Tyler for NGT News: Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. recently entered into a contract with Loves Trillium CNG after adding to its natural gas vehicle fleet and now stops at the Trillium compressed natural gas refueling station in Omaha, Neb.

            Omaha Metropolitan Utilities District manages a CNG Fleet Fund Program, which helps offset the incremental cost of purchasing NGVs. Sheehy applied to this program and was awarded incentives to purchase four new Freightliner CNG trucks.

            Sheehy began the CNG conversion process in 2013, now reporting a total of 35 million miles driven on CNG. The alternative fuel accounts for 92 percent of all fuel purchased by Sheehy Mail Contractors: