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NGVs: an ‘Energy Market Wild Card’

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  • NGVs: an ‘Energy Market Wild Card’

    May 1, 2013 in Studies by Rich Piellisch | No Comments
    Morgan Stanley Issues Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel Report
    Natural gas vehicles, if they reach a “tipping point,” could alter the world outlook for oil and gas demand, says a new report from Morgan Stanley.

    Morgan Stanley has issued Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel: Energy Market Wild Card, an 88-page blue paper.

    “Oil is still the dominant fuel for transportation, but natural gas is becoming competitive,” states the preface to Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel: Energy Market Wild Card.


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    Aug 14, 2017 by Patrick Martin for Bloomberg Technology - (excerpts with commentary) How cheap oil and electric cars doomed switch to CNG.

    T. Boone Pickens (now 89 years old) started Clean Energy Fuels Corp. in 2008 - almost a decade ago - as oil neared $150/barrel ($142 according to one source). Tesla had yet to deliver its first electric car. 2M EVs sold in 2016 as compared with 92M combustion engine cars. U.S. oil output surged in 2011. Three years later, prices for crude, diesel and gasoline have dropped to natural gas levels. (it had always been claimed that natural gas prices would remain steady.)

    Chart in the middle of the article suggests that only 337 CNG passenger cars were registered to drive on the road nationwide in 2016, down from a high of 5000 in 2013. It gives a source of Edmunds and IHS Markit for this hard-to-believe data.

    Chesapeake Energy Corp., one of biggest U.S. gas producers, eliminated the team working on natural-gas vehicles in 2013. Honda Motor Co. discontinued a natural-gas-fueled model of its popular Civic sedan in 2015. Last year, with oil locked in a prolonged price slump, Pickens sold about 4 million shares of Newport Beach, California-based Clean Energy Fuels, which operates more than 500 natural gas filling stations across the country. (surprised that stock would be sold when being traded a low price.)

    Article concludes with comparison of there being 38 times as many public electric car charging posts and 70 times as many gas stations as natural gas (public & private) stations: