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Jim Cramer's Mad Money 11/13/12 featured Clean Energy CEO

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  • Jim Cramer's Mad Money 11/13/12 featured Clean Energy CEO

    Yesterday's 11/13/12 episode of CNBC Mad Money by Jim Cramer featured interview with CEO of Clean Energy. Cramer is big proponent of CNG/LNG and has been pushing for USA adoption. Clean Energy CEO said economics are so great now for savings with cng/lng that government backing/incentives might not even be needed during Obama's 2nd term, though it would speed up adoption. Also CEO discussed partnership with GE for some LNG plants where GE would become 5% equity owner in Clean Energy which puts some skin in the game by GE. In this episode Cramer notes that Clean Energy (ticker CLNE) stock price has risen in last year, but now dropped to potential floor around $12 which may be a buy (depending on your risk tolerance) - - :-)

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    Day or two ago, Cramer also had Westport CEO on show to discuss direction of CNG adoption in the USA. The Westport exec said all major large engine manufacturers for Over-The-Road trucks now offers a CNG/LNG engine and industry is well underway to nationwide adoption of NG as a transportation fuel . . . finally !!

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    Re: Jim Cramer's Mad Money 11/13/12 featured Clean Energy CEO

    Good story. I have found some strong advocates of CNG and LNG on Very extensive commentary following articles also. There are many ways to invest in natural gas. The gas itself is a risky bet except long term. Pipelines, drilling equipment, tanks, conversion companies, kit manufacturers, etc. I have a list of potential investments, but will not make any recommendations, and am not invested myself.