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Another CNG Staion in IL.

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  • Another CNG Staion in IL.

    Hi Curt,
    There is one more CNG station in Northeatern IL. that I have started using it and it is available to people that have a business. It is marked as a private station but there are pumps for people that have a Clean N Green Card. Any business can use the "public" pumps if they meet the requirements of the fleet card. I can give particulars and contacts if needed.

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    Re: Another CNG Staion in IL.

    Why are so many people who run company or fleet stations reluctant to allow individuals to fuel up? I would rather see them charge a higher price than be restrictive. Seems like they would benefit. Are they that busy?


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      Re: Another CNG Staion in IL.

      I imagine that many see liability issues, additional wear & tear on the equipment, increased maintenance costs, etc. Some areas don't have incentives for making the station public access, so it just looks like an extra expense when the numbers get put on the table. Just putting a dispenser outside the fence could run $50k - $100k.


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        Re: Another CNG Staion in IL.

        In the case of this particular station, they wanted the station to be open to everyone. They did not want to only serve businesses. They were required to by the municipality who do not understand the properties on CNG. They were worried that someone could use the CNG as a weapon. The station is next to a commuter airport. That said, anyone with a "business" can get a Clean N' Green card. To use the station one must view a training video and sign papers issued by the village that you understand how to operate the pump.