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  • Santa Barbara Alt Car Expo

    I went to the Expo the 29th & 30th, but other than a 2011 GX... there weren't any natural gas cars! I saw a couple of LPG's, but CNG was glaringly absent. This years offerings were almost exclusively EV's. Perhaps all the cng players are keeping their guns holstered until the 20th of Oct and will be at the big CNG conference in Fort Worth, Tx.

    To see the pics I took at the Expo, go to my facebook page here. There were lots of cool cars and I debated the virtues of CNG vrs EV with several "true believers". I'm here to tell you... the EV guys have definitely "drank the cool-aid", nearly as sold on overpriced, under range, expensive battery, overcomplicated electronics & tech... as we are in out tried, true and less expensive CNG cars... god bless those boys.

    Don't get me wrong, as a Clean Cities Coordinator, I have the inside track on EV's and infrastructure, just like I do for CNG and every other fuel. EV's are at the point where the industry is looking to get their vehicles into fleets so they can "further refine, develop and debug their technology and infrastructure". You have no idea how complicated the whole subject of EV integration into the grid is, and that's only part of what has yet to be worked out. The consumer see's almost nothing of what comes across my desk. I will admit, the Fisker is one sexy car, if you have an extra $100k+, but if you're lucky, in 8-10 yrs the battery may not cost as much as the car (hopefully). What the heck, it's only money, right?
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    Re: Santa Barbara Alt Car Expo

    I think you mean Santa "MONICA"


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      Re: Santa Barbara Alt Car Expo

      The gas in Santa Barbara has too much H2S to use as a motor fuel.