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CNG Roadside Assistance?

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  • CNG Roadside Assistance?

    Using California’s Natural Gas Fueling Station Network
    As with conventional fueling stations, hours of access, equipment, payment methods, and on-site assistance vary from site to site. Some sites are designated “public” by their operators. However, in some cases access is limited (to daytime business hours, for example), and in most cases you will need to establish an account with the operator to fuel at its sites.

    Various fuel marketers operate customer service and information lines that can help NGV users obtain fuel.
    Some provide emergency roadside fueling or offer mobile fueling service when it’s available (at a
    temporary job site, for example). Following is a list of contact numbers for operators of multiple stations.
    Contacts for single-station operators are provided with the station listings.

    Clean Energy ------------------------------(888) 732-6487
    Fleet Card Fuels ---------------------------(800) 359-3835
    FleetStar ----------------------------------(800) 723-9398
    GASCARD ----------------------------------(800) 326-7762
    Pacific Gas & Electric Co. -------------------(800) 684-4648
    Pinnacle CNG ------------------------------(432) 686-7002
    San Diego Gas & Electric Co. ---------------(800) 411-7343
    SoCal Gas Co. -----------------------------(800) 427-2000
    SunLine Services Group --------------------(760) 343-3456
    Trillium USA -------------------------------(800) 920- 1166
    Voyager ---------------------------------- (800) 987-6590
    WRIGHT Express--------------------------- (800) 395-0812

    If you have difficulty contacting site operators or information services listed in this directory, please
    contact the California NGV Coalition at: Phone: (562) 697-9646 fax: (562) 683-2121

    Safety Information
    Approach compressed natural gas fill-ups with the same care and caution you would any other fueling operation.

    I'll call around and find out who offers emergency Roadside Assistance and list them here.

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    Re: CNG Roadside Assistance?

    Utah drivers along the Wasatch Front can try calling Teryl Gardner - Kwik Pik Locksmithing - 801-573-1295. As part of his road service work, Teryl can come out to your vehicle with a transfer hose for just a $30 fee and get you on your way!


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      Hi, I'm new to the forum and CNG . I have a ford e450 bus and I've almost run out of gas in Salinas CA. I'm at the PG&E station but don't have a card to fill up.
      Does anyone know of a mobile roadside fueling service in California. I've called Trillium, Clean energy and they were of no assistance.
      Any help is greatly appreciated. I don't have 2 weeks to wait here for a PG& E card.


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        There is a brand new public CNG station - Trillium - at 14201 Del Monte Blvd Marina CA, 20 miles from you. Seems it needs a Trillium card, but it allows public customers - one of which may activate the dispenser for you in exchange for being reimbursed. Most of these Trillium stations take every card imaginable.

        Another station just opened 60 miles away, CLEAN ENERGY, at 1170 N 4th St San Jose CA. It is listed as accepting Visa, MC, Clean Energy, Voyager and WEX. Both stations are listed at on the web.


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          In a dire situation you can search "AFDC Fueling Stations" and select the fuel type on the left side of the station finder page. Even if there isn't a public station, the private stations will be listed too. Call a few in your immediate vicinity and see if they can help out in an emergency situation. There is also the Roadside assistance numbers at the top of this thread.