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New York State NGV Drivers- can we get together???

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  • New York State NGV Drivers- can we get together???

    Hello fellow New Yorkers,

    What thinks ye of pulling off what happened in OK that sparked the building of so many private pumps? In OK they passed legislation suspending the reasonable laws that prevent the state from retailing a commodity (in this case CNG). The new law gave a trail period to see what would happen if all of the state pumps were opened to the public and surprise surprise, instead of crushing private enterprise, it blew it wide open. Increased access to pumps , brought in more drivers, which brought in more pumps, and more drivers, etc.

    NYS has a massive investment in govt owned pumps only a few of which are open to the public through a deal with Clean Energy (who in the initial deal got exclusive rights to all the pumps in NY, not just the ones they chose to open effectively locking out any competition). I'm pretty convinced that we could do exactly what was done in OK and end up with a similar result.

    Can we get NYS NGV drivers to push for this?

    What thinks ye?

    OK folks, do I have my facts right?

    Matt Hopkins, Alplaus NY 2001 Chevy Express Bi-Fuel. (and I love it, but have to go to the 2 CE pumps near me)

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    Re: New York State NGV Drivers- can we get together???

    this was being looked into by a group in the western half of the state back in march/april 2012 . from what I understand they have the notes/records from utah and were trying to get the same thing for new york state . one problem they were having is they found out a lot of these locations were just too small for public use , and also a lot of the places are behind locked gates along side a NYS-DOT maintenance building , some place you dont want the general public running around back there at nite . there is 2 places that i know of that were built and intended for public use but never made the deal . i was saying lets at least get those 2 . those are NYS-DOT garages in hornell ny and 4717 southwestern blvd hamburg n.y.14075 .
    If you know of any places that could work . (places built up by the road outside the gate) let us know ..
    can you write that same question to these people?
    and i will ask around too ,to see if they got anywhere . in a few weeks i will update anything i find out on this thread..if you have an address for us to check out post it here and we will check it out via google earth street view .


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      Re: New York State NGV Drivers- can we get together???

      I can only speak for the Albany area: There are two pumps that are screaming for being opened to the public:
      Saratoga on Rt 50 and Clifton Park on Rt 146. Both of these towns have large suburban commuting populations, both pumps are right off of major arteries, and both pumps "are outside of the gates". I drive by the CP pump most every day and just for giggles I check the meter to see if anyone has been there since my last visit. Weeks can go by without a single visitor... we are wasting our tax dollars keeping these pumps open for non-existent state vehicles that have since become hybrids.


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        Re: New York State NGV Drivers- can we get together???

        Hello my name is Richard I just bought my first CNG 2003 Honda Civic 71,000 miles on hoping to hear from thank you