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/How to ensure your inspector has proper license or qualifications

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  • /How to ensure your inspector has proper license or qualifications

    So I ad Hal Burlingame here at my shop to do the PG&E certifications for my three CNG trucks with 2031 tanks. The issue is I did not get Hal's certification or license information. Anyone know?

    Apparently, Hal and his brother Cotton have been selling used CNG equipment all over the country and offering tank upgrades as well as certification services - the issue is are they licensed or certified?

    They show up at CNGHAL on the forum but without any certification or license number - also Eco Fuel Solutions, CNG Solutions.

    Let me know, Thanks,

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    Hal and Cotton are highly experienced CNG technicians and I wouldn't hesitate recommending their services. As far as I know, California has no licensing requirements (Oklahoma and Texas may be the only states which do?). There are two third-parties which provide certification courses and qualification exams for CNG fuel system inspectors. If required by PG&E you may want to ask Hal or Cotton for copies of their certifications.


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      I'll second John's recommendation of Hal and Cotton Burlingame's services. They have re-tanked several of my vehicles in the past, and have provided PG&E inspection and certifications as well without issue.


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        Sorry to take so long to respond, still catching up from the fallout after a brutal and very unappreciated work trip to CA, followed by a 13 hour drive home yesterday.
        Yes, I do go to my customer's sites to work, since there seems to be a shortage of willing, much less qualified and experienced CNG technicians throughout the country. And even less when it comes to custom work.
        Normally customers gladly ship/transport their vehicles and technicians to my shop in Tucson from Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oklahoma City, Dallas/Fort Worth/Austin, TX.

        Along with building private and public CNG fueling stations (Georgia, Oklahoma & Iowa) and fueling equipment throughout the country.

        Most of my customers have already learned about the "Dark Side" of this industry. The expired cylinder and unsafe vehicle "salesmen" and "Junkyard Dogs", my old thread:
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          ... and a helluva nice guy too


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            Thank you John, I try.
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              So not a clear answer above - I need to turn in Certification to PG&E and without any license or certification what exactly is being "certified" and by who is "qualified".

              CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification exam implies there is a "Certification" number or other qualification that is key. Please clarify.


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                Hey, I agree, Hal is a nice guy but it seems Cotton and Hal have hit hard times with this CNG recession and resorted to all sorts of shenanigans to stay afloat.. It looks like they may have let their performance and ability to perform slip. I'm still waiting on certification and I'm afraid they no longer can deliver. Check back soon but I think they may be out of the business at least in reality, though it appears not in spirit.