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Arizona to Montana in a Honda Natural Gas with range to spare

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  • Arizona to Montana in a Honda Natural Gas with range to spare

    Trying to be correct and not call it a GX anymore. 2012 NG Civic customer came to pick up in Phoenix, AZ and made the drive all the way back to Montana. His last fill up was in Brigham City, UT where it was a 466 mile stretch to his home is Missoula, MT. Customer estimated he had another 70 mile range in the tank. Yes he was here for an extra tank install.

    Hi Murphy-

    Made it in to Missoula last evening with 466 miles on the trip odometer since my last 3600 fill at Brigham City UT. The average mileage readout coincidentally was 46.6 mpg so I used 10 GGE traveling with the cruise set at 66 mph. The range now shows 35 miles. Guess I didn't need that AAA upgrade after all. Based on consumption during the trip the ave mileage reading is correct. To make... the range read out accurate all you have to do is continually add 66-75% for your tank (e.g. 300 range is really 500 miles). So I figure I have got 50-70 miles to go before I zero out meaning total usable at 3600 (90% methane in the UT Questar pumps) is around 12-14 GGE. Thanks for the great job you guys did-list me as a reference and feel free to fwd this to whomever is considering adding a tank to a new Civic.

    My final connection to my Fuelmaker (C3) should be next week as I had to step up my regulator for a 100 ft run of pipe. Do yo recommend a filter and/or dryer just upstream of the pump connection?

    Thanks again,

    Gary Dale

    2003 Hummer H2 bi-fuel
    2000 GMC Yukon XL bi-fuel
    1999 International 4700 dual-fuel
    2007 Chevy Avalanche bi-fuel

    FMQ2-36 Fuelmaker w/ 24 GGE cascade

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    Re: Arizona to Montana in a Honda Natural Gas with range to spare

    I have a 2012 Civic and might be interested in an additional 3 to 4 gge tank. A few questions: does the extra tank block access to the spare? Is the additional weight a big issue? How much does the modification cost? Just a ballpark on that last question (I know cost will vary from state to state).


    2012 Honda Civic GX