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Crossing the Southwest on Interstate 40 with public CNG fueling

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    Re: Crossing the Southwest on Interstate 40 with public CNG fueling

    Presently, Williams Love's is not dispensing CNG. Once the Travel Stop is connected to the gas pipeline a mile away, the CNG will be operational. The delay is a result of difficult trenching due to rock. The travel stop phone number is 928.635.9958

    Until then, the most dependable CNG is still Blythe > Phoenix > Tucson > Deming > Albuquerque (airport) > Amarillo. Credit/Debit cards are almost sure not to work at Flying J in Albuquerque; may work at Flying J in Winslow; and have no trouble working in Amarillo (because it's either Love's or Trillium.) If a driver has practice with another card - such as Voyager, American Express, or Discover - at a Flying J that won't leave a car stranded as Winslow would (nothing is close enough to drive back to without getting a fill up) - and is confident the CLEAN ENERGY dispensers at these Flying J/Pilot truck stops work reliably using the card, then the LCNG stations in Winslow and Albuquerque would be worth using. I would not be surprised if someone were to report that a commercial fueling card, such as WEX or PILOT Fleet card/Road Warrior card would work better. A Clean Energy card is guaranteed to work.
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      Just completed 6600 mile (originated in Salem Oregon) Barstow to Houston CNG round trip using a 2008 GX on Interstate 40 eastbound and Interstate 70 westbound. Because consumer VISA card was declined with cryptic messages at the Flying J/ Pilot truck stops (Clean Energy), a VOYAGER fleet card (issued by US Bank, abbreviated below as USB) was used successfully EVERYWHERE IT WAS TRIED. BTW, the Civic with 175,000 miles on it needed no maintenance whatsoever the whole trip.

      dist odometer gge mpg station
      000 172926 0.0 00 Barstow CA USB LCNG 17 Oct 2015
      162 173088 3.4 48 Henderson NV 75mph
      121 173209 3.7 33 Lake Havasu City AZ USB LCNG 65mph thru CA portion
      xxx xxxxxx x.x xx (Williams AZ Loves station was set to open week of Oct 26 - week after I got there)
      248 173457 5.6 44 Winslow AZ USB LCNG (~60mph in 75 zone, 4000ft elevation gain)
      256 173713 5.1 50 Albuquerque NM USB LCNG (~60mph in 75 zone)
      299 174012 x.x xx Amarillo TX AMP (4 bars fuel remaining ~60mph in 75 zone. Trillium dispenser gave free tank of gas-was repaired later that day)
      188 174200 3.1 61 Harrold TX AMP (American Milk Producers had these stations put in at strategic locations) 80mph
      141 174341 3.4 41 Ft Worth TX AMP 80mph (4600 Blue Mound)
      100 174441 2.9 34 Waco TX AMP 80mph
      107 174548 3.0 36 Austin TX AUS 80mph
      217 174765 5.2 42 Houston TX 80mph Clean Energy
      191 174956 5.7 33 Austin TX AUS 80mph
      199 175155 5.3 38 Brock TX AMP 75mph
      047 175202 1.4 34 Ft Worth AMP
      115 175317 3.7 31 Thackerville OK 80mph
      128 175445 4.5 28 Harrold TX 80 mph
      211 175656 5.7 37 Amarillo TX Loves 80mph (USB-just to test it out. VISA also works)
      131 175787 5.1 26 Guymon OK 80mph
      224 176011 7.1 32 Trinidad CO 80mph (station opened 2 weeks ago)
      085 176096 2.4 35 Pueblo CO 75 mph
      174 176270 4.4 40 Firestone CO USB 75 mph (VISA didnt work-recommend using WARD ENERGY stations in Boulder instead)
      225 176495 5.2 43 Parachute CO (~60mph 4000ft elevation gain)
      161 176656 3.9 41 Grand Junction CO 80mph
      108 176764 1.8 xx Moab 60mph (only 3K fills avail)
      190 176954 5.2 43 Scipio UT 75mph (only motel in town is Scipio Hotel - reasonable rate and clean)
      126 177080 3.3 38 Cedar City UT 80mph
      169 177249 3.3 51 Las Vegas NV 75mph (Losee Sinclair)
      183 177432 4.3 43 Barstow CA 80mph VISA 25 Oct 2015
      Total 4506 miles 112.7gge 40mpg 9 days


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        Love's Travel Stop in Williams announced it began selling CNG 17 Nov 2015. Lengthy delay due to pipeline construction difficulties. Having fuel available in Williams will allow higher speeds on Interstate 40's longest grade East of nearby city of Ash Fork. Visiting South Rim of the Grand Canyon 60 miles from Williams is now possible!
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          Has anyone traveled this I-40 route more recently?

          I am considering a trip from Omaha to SoCal in. 2014 Honda Civic Natural Gas.

          I-70 through Denver is out due to the long leg without a CNG Station between Lincoln and Denver.

          Has any had experience with the Garden City Kansas CNG Station?

          Any recent intel is appreciated.


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            By heading east from Wichita to Guymon and Trinidad, your longest leg is 210 miles instead of the 290 miles between Amarillo and Albuquerque. This allows A/C use and full speeds. Naturally, you can continue on to Denver, Las Vegas, and on into SoCal. Register for a $50 hall pass to ACT Expo - good on May 4 & 5 - since you will be in the area.

            West bound, you could stop in Garden City KS and still have enough fuel to drop down to Liberal if need be. Give us a report. CNG4America plans to add a station in Limon CO which would offer a shortcut to Denver. Stay tuned.

            ?North Platte may eventually allow travel straight to Denver. It could be dispensing LNG now but, like the Pilot in Central Point Oregon, it may be undergoing an upgrade to LCNG for the long distance trucks (700 mile range) that are beginning to use these routes.


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              No issue with Mastercard/Visa reported last week on a trip from Nashville to CA. The readers don't like debit card versions. Regular Visa credit cards are no problem whatsoever. Winslow and Amarillo were great fills.