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Laramie Wyoming

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  • Laramie Wyoming

    Does anyone know if there is going to be cng stations added along I80 from rock springs to cheyanne in the near future? is there a website or somewhere were people can suggest cities that stations should be added in?

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    Re: Laramie Wyoming

    The issue (I wouldn't say it's a problem) with I-80 through Wyoming is that Questar owns the stations in Evanston and Rock Springs and the Cheyenne station is privately owned. I don't think that Questar is interested in putting a station in Laramie because they don't service that area, so the best bet is to get Clean Energy or some Laramie utility to provide refueling capability.
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      Elevation profile for the 262 miles from Rock Springs to Cheyenne is 5000 ft total gain, figuring all the ups and downs. The 282 miles from Albuquerque to Amarillo is 3800 ft total gain. And the 263 miles from Albuquerque to Winslow is 4844 ft total gain, which has been done by all years of Civics.


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        Laramie County Public Works has completed a CNG station at 13797 Prairie Center Circle, Cheyenne, WY. The gate is open M-F 6am-4:30pm, but the fast-fill dispenser is outside the gate. It was finished Aug 2016 and the County is getting comfortable with how to make the best use of it. To date, they have put off offering CNG to the public, but say that will come in time. Laramie County had it built by CGRS Ft Collins CO. The last link is a simple, minute-long tour using a drone to film the layout of the station near the Archer Parkway County Fairgrounds complex.