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Sandy CNG Station is Permanently Closing On Oct 10, 2018

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  • Sandy CNG Station is Permanently Closing On Oct 10, 2018

    Just filled up today at the Sandy station and it had a sign saying that the station is permanently closing on Oct 10th. Why???????????? This is the only station in the southern part of the South Valley with easy access. When Dominion took over Questar were they not committed to CNG?

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    Because gasoline is too cheap. When gasoline prices remain this low for such an extended period of time, the interest in CNG just simply goes away.


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      I filled up at the Canyons School District pump this morning. They said the property for the station was sold and the new owners don't want the pumps there.


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        Correct. Its due to loss of the property lease. But it is highly likely Dominion will move the equipment somewhere else in the southern end of SL county for public use. Stay tuned...


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          Been trying to fill up at the Canyons District CNG pump, however, the payment station won't take payments any longer. I called the district and they said they didn't want people filling up there? I thought the state was allowing CNG users to fill up at their stations? Any word on the new CNG location in the south part of the Salt Lake Valley?


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            Any word on the replacement station?