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Utah CNG tank and system certification

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  • Utah CNG tank and system certification

    I am being told by a member of the Utah Clean Cities Coalition that the State of Utah will be tying or perhaps already is tying the CNG certification to the emissions testing since as of Jan. 1st 2018 the legislature has nixed the required safety inspection statewide. Has anyone gone in for emissions check this year as of yet ?

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    Hi bruin,
    I have not heard anything about this. Is there a bill at the Legislature which would require it?
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      I know of no legislation and only have the word of one member of the Utah Clean Cities Coalition that they have either made some move to tag the cert to the emissions testing and registration or that they will do so in order to monitor for expired tanks, etc. I have a 2001 Chevy Cavalier that needs registration this month and just wondering what I might be confronted with. Yes, I am driving on an expired tank which can be pulled out if need be. I would not be surprised if they attempt to clamp down very hard on the regs. since the State has obviously decided to move on toward a much fuller rollout on electric drive vehicles. You might very well have heard that Utah and 6 other western States are coming together mostly based on funds from the V W emissions scam and new EV charge stations will be built approx. every 50 miles (Utah only on this maybe) across all interstate corridors.