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  • Tank Inspection

    My tank in my '04 Cavalier expires this month, but registration doesn't need to be renewed until next year. I am trying to figure out if I should get the 3 yr inspection done.

    With house bill 265 being signed into law and going into effect on Jan 1, 2018, am I right in my understanding that a tank inspection will no longer be required?

    It's not part of the emissions inspection right?

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    Welcome to CNGchat, Ender16!
    I think you are right that from 2018 Utah will no longer have vehicle safety inspection requirements. And if you were to get your tank inspected after this month it would fail anyway (and tank life can't be extended). So from a legal standpoint you are OK. But from a safety standpoint I would strongly consider getting the tank replaced. Try Lancer Auto here in SLC as I know they have done these in the past. 801-268-8863


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      Thanks for the info. I think my tank should actually be in pretty good shape. I know there are other factors, but of the 128,000 miles driven, around 94,000 were on regular gasoline.