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What's happening to CNG prices in Utah?

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  • What's happening to CNG prices in Utah?

    Filled up with CNG in Circleville on my way to Phoenix on Friday, March 24th. Pre-authorized up to $10 estimated purchase. When done, the pump read $6 and change. Filled up again on Sunday, March 26th on the way back to the Provo. And again, the pump read $6 and change. Tried to fillup in Scipio but charge didn't seem to go through. When reviewing my cc charges, there was two $10 charges for Circleville CNG plus two $1 Circleville CNG charges. For Scipio, there was a $1 charge even though I wasn't able to get any CNG.

    Question: Did something happen with CNG prices since my trip last fall? Did a new charge come into existence?

    CNG is my choice of fuel for many reasons but I refuse to pay undisclosed additional charges for doing my part to cleanup the air and keep $$$ in America.

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    The Circleville station is privately owned, so they can charge whatever they want... Scipio is Questar Gas with a regulated price. I would call the owner in Circleville to ask what is up with their credit card processing system. has the number as being 435-577-2442. As for Scipio my guess is the card reader got a $1 authorization when you first swiped the card but then there wasn't a transaction so the authorization should have come off. If you have a debit card it will have already taken your $1 our of your account but it should then refund it within a few days.

    The problem might also be on your credit card bank's side: they aren't crediting you back for the pre-authorizations placed by these vendors. Anyway its really odd...