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Moab CNG?

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  • Moab CNG?

    I am very interested in purchasing a dedicated cng van but I travel back and forth to moab frequently.. Does anyone know if there is any plans to put CNG at any of the gas stations in or near moab? As far as I can tell the closest one is in Price which is 120 miles away..

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    Re: Moab CNG?

    I've heard there is an unmarked CNG station in Moab, but you have to go in and talk to the guys first before they'll let you fill up. Not 100% sure it's true - still trying to verify it.

    Anyone else heard anything about this?


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      Bubble City CNG Station began operation in March 2016 at 3125 Bloomfield Hwy Farmington NM. Nearby stations are 183mi away in Albuquerque; 186mi in Moab UT; 210mi in Sante Fe NM; 216mi in Grand Junction CO; and 240 mi in Winslow AZ.

      San Juan County had a bi-fuel conversion installed on an F-150 pickup in May. Rick Nelson is the parts and service director at Ziems Ford Corners which converted the county vehicle.

      Bubble City is right on top of a high pressure pipeline according to Teala Kail, New Mexico Gas Company spokeswoman. Most of the natural gas used comes from wells within San Juan County. Owner James Tabet said the county s interest was a key element in his decision to sell the fuel. He also has a few other customers.

      The county converted one of its Ford F-150 trucks to run on both gasoline and compressed natural gas, or CNG. Carpenter said the modifications cost about $9,500 and were funded through a grant from the Praxair industrial gas company. The county is pursuing additional grants and expects to have two more CNG-powered vehicles operational by August, Carpenter said.


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        As for the new destination of the CNG station in Farmington. It turns out that the route from Grand Junction to Farmington traverses the Million Dollar Highway - one of the most dangerous roads in North America. Carved out of the sides of canyon walls, the photos shown at this web site have stretches with no guard rails and sheer drop offs. Some were taken through a windshield shattered by falling rock. Video of the drive may be found here:


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          Both hoses at the Moab CNG station are 3000 psi, which is a tradeoff. Because the distances between fueling stations on the drive from Scipio UT (3600 psi, as opposed to using Richfield which is 3000 psi) to Grand Junction (3600 psi) are shorter by making the detour to Moab with its dramatic scenery. The Moab station is at the Questar gas utility yard. Outside fence, 24/7. Notice hose pressure decal over display on each side of dispenser in each photo shows 3000 psi - taken Oct 2015.

          CNG_Moab0.jpg CNG_Moab4.jpg


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            Loves Trillium is putting in a public CNG station to open at 508 W. Tomichi Ave Gunnison Colorado summer 2017 (Trillium station in Vancouver WA opened 2 months after groundbreaking.) This will make drives from Pueblo to Grand Junction on Highway 50 possible for (250 mile range) vehicles using CNG. Location is also suitable for commercial trucking. (The LOVES Country Store is across the street in the next block.) Also ties in with the CNG station in Farmington NM on Highway 550.





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              Colorado Natural Gas (CNG) provides gas to the CNG station at 201 E Tomichi Ave Gunnison CO which opened this year. Gunnison Valley Transit acquired a CNG bus for its shops to evaluate (search for CNG in meeting minutes - not much said):


              Of the Colorado CNG stations awarded money, the stations in Colorado Springs, Commerce City, Eaton, Glenwood Springs, Greeley, Gunnison, Pueblo and Trinidad are now open. Several more are still under development in Durango, Limon, and Rifle as of the end of 2017: