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Waste Mgt public CNG not in Portland

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  • Waste Mgt public CNG not in Portland

    Per phone call from Waste Management's Corporate Communications on 8-11-12, the Portland Oregon WM CNG facility will be only for fueling WM trucks.
    Of the 13 new stations recently opened nationwide, it is NOT one of 9 sites that will have public fueling.
    The 8-1-12 WM press release that Curtis posted does not list the 9 sites, only the 13.

    Too bad, but at least that will put more CNG vehicles in the area. So it's back to square one of wait and see when a public facility is built here...
    At least there are home fuelers to survive!
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    Re: Waste Mgt public CNG not in Portland

    That is to bad. They recently opened a Clean N' Green cng station here in Seattle that I think is connected with Waste Management (it is right across from their fleet maintenance yard). Not only is it open to the public but it is open 24-7 and has prices that have been a few cents cheaper than other local stations I have been to.


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      At end of 2012 WM had 31 stations with 17 more in operation or under construction

      Portland OR, Venice FL, and Woodinville WA are the private WM stations. (compiled from dozens of press releases)

      Of the 13 CNG Stations added by Waste Management in the First-Half of 2012, these offered public fueling:
      Mesa, AZ
      Louisville, KY
      Conroe, TX
      Auburn, WA
      Stickney, IL

      Washington, Pa.
      Conroe, Texas
      West Jordan, Utah
      Pompano Beach, Fla.
      Baltimore, Md.
      Blaine, Minn.


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        Re: At end of 2012 WM had 31 stations with 17 more in operation or under construction

        The Spokane WA private Waste Management CNG station is now operating according to the CNG station manager for AVISTA natural gas. The AVISTA station in Spokane is also private. But, then again, this locale is 275+ miles from the nearest stations in Puget Sound or Boise, ID.


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          Re: At end of 2012 WM had 31 stations with 17 more in operation or under construction

          City of Tacoma Fleet Services has ordered a CNG refuse truck (city operates its own waste collection) and has plans for a (private) CNG station at its refurbished facility at 3639 S Pine St Tacoma WA. Plans are to also fuel two small trucks from an RNG pilot project at the city's water treatment facility. Photos of the the city's exquisite maintenance shops are featured by the project architect here:

          This new CNG station is mere blocks from the private CNG station at Puget Sound Energy (PSE) at 3130 S 38th St Tacoma WA, a gas utility in Washington that has the distinction of having provided fuel (emergency basis) to Pierce Transit while its station was being rebuilt in Lakewood after a fire. In the Northwest - the land where gas utilities are prevented from providing CNG to anyone - this "emergency" justification may be worth revisiting - say, if City of Tacoma ever needs access to CNG at PSE. For future reference, the Docket Number at the WA Utilities and Transportation Commission was UG-140721. Photos of its vintage IMW compressor are attached.
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