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American Natural Gas Highway arrives in Oregon

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  • American Natural Gas Highway arrives in Oregon

    Some of the talk at the Alternative Fuel Vehicle seminar in White City 27 June 2012 hosted by the Rogue Valley CCC was that the bulldozers were clearing the area where the LNG station is being put in at the Central Point PILOT TRAVEL CENTER. This follows a press release earlier this month that permits were obtained to install the LNG storage tank at the Stanfield PILOT. The third Oregon ANGH LNG station intended for the PILOT in Brooks (Salem) was expected to create too much congestion and an alternate location (north?) is being looked into.

    LNG will be brought to each of these stations from the peak shaving plant in Plymouth, WA by an over-the-road 18 wheeler tanker as with other LNG stations. This plant is sited at the end of a large pipeline where the pressure is stepped down making the production of the LNG simpler. It has been there since the early 1970's and has two very large (as in oil refinery style) cryogenic storage tanks.

    The $1.5M upgrade of the RVTD CNG station (public fill available) is days from being switched on. This upgrade provides 3600 psi for the first time. And the fills will be faster now that sequential control is used to allow storage at three different pressures to be switched to fill the buses. Public hours are generally M-F 8-5. But it was mentioned in the talk that the yard is actually open 5a-10p as well as Saturday.

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    Central Point LNG station completed days before heavy rain arrived

    This southern Oregon American Natural Gas Highway LNG station had the lot paved and striped last week. The vertical tank, fuel island, and canopy are erected. Final connections are under way so it can be activated as soon as needed.


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      Central Point LNG station tour Nov 2 Sen. Merkley to attend

      Central Point could be the first city in Oregon to have a liquid natural gas refueling station

      September 28, 2012 By Buffy Pollock for the Mail Tribune

      The sudden appearance Thursday of a 40-foot fuel tank, not unlike a giant grain silo, symbolized the future availability of alternative fuels for the Southern Oregon region...

      A station in Portland is slated for completion between year's end and early 2013 while a Stanfield station in northeastern Oregon is on a similar construction pathPilot won't offer compressed until there's a


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        Re: Central Point LNG station tour Nov 2 Sen. Merkley to attend

        I was at a conference in La Jolla a few weeks ago when a CE spokesman indicated that 30 LNG stations have now been built of which only 5 have been commissioned. The additional CNG vaporizing equipment adds $700,000 to the station cost -- so most of the new stations will not have CNG until there is demand.


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          Re: Central Point LNG station tour Nov 2 Sen. Merkley to attend

          One LNG station has been built in Birmingham at the Flying J truck stop, but it has not been commissioned. It is located off Interstate 65. Hopefully in the future it will have CNG also.


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            LNG station done; ready to receive fuel; has pads for CNG equip if needed.

            There was no announcement at the event of a truck fleet lined up to use the LNG station. Construction boss Jack Huff and regulatory assoc. Spencer Richley (holding binder), both of CLEAN ENERGY FUELS, led the tour of the PILOT LNG station. Gary Hall, truck stop consultant based in Medford (brimmed hat), and the Mayor (red tie) and Senator complete the group photo:


            I can't emphasize enough how excited Senator Merkley is for promoting natural gas in the transportation sector. In conversation with Spencer Richley, who traveled from Hermosa Beach, he said he did not know of BluLNG and indicated that the LNG stations in Beaver UT and SLC were built by CLEAN ENERGY FUELS. The Central Point station and the completed Stanfield, Oregon, station will have LNG delivered to them once the truck use requires it, say in a few months. This station has pads for CNG tanks if the fuel is needed later (but public CNG fueling is already available a mile or so away at the RVTD bus yard.)


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              All LNG roads lead to Oregon!

              More than 70 stations in 33 states are in as of the end of 2012 with the balance of the 150 nationwide LNG stations to come in 2013 ...

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                Re: All LNG roads lead to Oregon!

                The Kroger Co.truck terminal has received 14 of the 40 LNG trucks on order from Freightliner. Clean Energy has completed the private LNG station at 11500 SE Hwy 212 in Clackamas (Portland, OR). The Kroger Co. Family of Stores spans many states with store formats that include grocery and multi-department stores, discount, convenience stores and jewelry stores.
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                  Re: All LNG roads lead to Oregon!

                  Kroger LNG trucks with ISX12 G Engines and iCE Pack Fuel Systems. Partially funded by a $490,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration via ODOT for the LNG infrastructure:



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                    Re: All LNG roads lead to Oregon!

                    Press conference was 4 Dec 2014 and LNG trucks are now in use according to writeup:




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                      Re: All LNG roads lead to Oregon!

                      Clean Energy is supplying LNG from Nampa ID to the Kroger Distb Center in Portland OR according to remarks by Kroger Sustainability Manager Ashley White at the Columbia Willamette Clean Cities Awards Luncheon 5 Feb 2015.

                      That would mean that the LNG is being transported from Nampa ID to operational LNG fueling installations in the Northwest:
                      225 miles 3.5 hours to 2115 Highway 395 Stanfield, OR (Pilot Travel Center Clean Energy)
                      425 miles 6.5 hours to Kroger at 11500 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas OR (Clean Energy)
                      425 miles 6.5 hours to Blu. 10402 N Vancouver Way Portland OR (Blu.)
                      500 miles 7.5 hours to Shell Oil 2222 136th Ave E Sumner WA (Blu.)

                      Intermountain Gas received a tariff in 2013 from the Idaho PUC to sell surplus LNG from its peak-shaver tank in Nampa ID. A picture is attached. But the addresses of these LNG storage facilities are purged from the web for security reasons.




                      It is "little footholds" like these - a utility emergency in Montana which led to temporary approval for gas sales from an Idaho utility. Which prompted the Idaho utility to apply to make the arrangement permanent. Which resulted in the PUC discovering it provided a "benefit" to the rate payer which led to their approval. Which resulted in LNG being brought in to four stations half the distance away as had the fuel had to come from Boron, CA

                      This may help to advance the ball in other states like Oregon that can't even sell CNG out of the gas utility fast fill stations because of PUC restrictions. Perhaps this ID/MT tariff can be the example needed to allow utilities in other states to help grow the CNG/LNG infrastructure.
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                        Re: All LNG roads lead to Oregon!

                        BLU. LNG stations in the Southeast are getting LNG from Atlanta Gas & Light (AGL) Resources Chattanooga TN(*) peaking plant (single tank):

                        3955 Southland Dr West Memphis, AR
                        1533 Brooks Rd Memphis, TN
                        3457 Lamar Ave Memphis, TN
                        2338 Sullivan Rd College Park, GA
                        5865-A Fulton Industrial Blvd SW Atlanta, GA
                        5019 Cambridge Way Plainfield, IN
                        1502 Payne-Koehler Rd Sellersburg, IN

                        BLU. LNG stations in the Northwest are getting LNG from the peaking facility (twin tanks) in Plymouth WA BLU owns its own fleet of LNG big-rig tankers:

                        2222 136th Ave E Sumner, WA (post #11 above correction-LNG comes from Plymouth WA, not Nampa ID)
                        77522 S Highway 207 Hermiston, OR (post #11 above correction-LNG comes from Plymouth WA, not Nampa ID)
                        10402 N Vancouver Way Portland, OR (mobile fueler)
                        2237 Franklin Rd Nampa, ID
                        9100 S Eiseman Rd Boise, ID
                        6651 S Overland Dr Idaho Falls, ID
                        1300 Beechcraft Ave Pocatello, ID
                        2794 Pocatello Ave American Falls, ID
                        250 N Yale Rd Raft River, ID
                        2703 S Lincoln Ave Jerome, ID
                        4505 W Winnemucca Blvd Winnemucca, NV
                        2550 S 1990 W West Haven, UT
                        1445 S Gustin Rd Salt Lake City, UT
                        1881 California Ave Salt Lake City, UT
                        850 W 2100 S Salt Lake City, UT
                        8190 S Pariette Rd Myton, UT
                        665 W 1820 S Beaver, UT
                        230 Old Highway 91 Hurricane, UT
                        1000 E Cheyenne Ave North Las Vegas, NV

                        The above info is a summary of what is found in the following BLU. YouTube clips:

               BLU fleet customers/stations UPS (triple); FedEx
               LNG loaner trucks
               LNG Fuel dispensing instructions for active tank
               LNG Fuel dispensing instructions for passive tank
               LNG properties
               LNG filling Warm or Hot tanks
               Plymouth WA LNG supply/Williams Pipeline
               Southeast Hub (Atlanta) now in place
               Station safety features

                        (*) address comes from an article about an (human error) accident, otherwise it is not published:


                        (#) Easily spotted on aerial imagery on map browsers slightly downstream on the Columbia River from Plymouth. Again, no published address.

                        Nothing to do with BLU. but this last clip surveys a number of recent LNG initiatives in the USA:

               Jacksonville FL LNG


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                          Re: All LNG roads lead to Oregon!

                          Clean Energy is activating 4 LNG station in Southeast and deploying 4 mobile fuelers to provide an array of 14 LNG stations to serve 115 LNG trucks being deployed by Raven:
                          AL Birmingham
                          AL Theodore

                          FL Jacksonville
                          FL Ocala (mobile)
                          GA Albany
                          GA Atlanta
                          GA Newnan (mobile)
                          GA Valdosta
                          LA Pineville (mobile)
                          MI Pearl
                          NC Charlotte
                          NC Eden (mobile)
                          SC Latta
                          TX Houston Baytown

                          Down the road, **IF** the stations at Birmingham, Theodore, Albany and Latta were updated to provide LCNG, they could reduce some long gaps in the CNG network.



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                            Re: All LNG roads lead to Oregon!

                            The site - which has the same comments/photos found on cngprices (the reason it is more helpful than other websites) - also maps station locations for E85, H2, LNG, LPG, Electric and Biodiesel. With it, a number of corrections to the LNG station locations in the prior post (#12) need to be added:

                            Additional BLU. LNG stations are located at:
                            2577 South 1900 West Ogden, UT
                            2025 S 900 W Salt Lake City UT

                            130 Old Highway 91 Hurricane, UT (street number is not 230)


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                              Fred Meyer Stores, a division of The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) has announced an agreement with Clean Energy calling for up to 500,000 gallons of Redeem TM renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel, for their fleet of 40 LNG trucks based out of their Clackamas, Oregon distribution center. Fred Meyer is the first company in the State of Oregon to take advantage of the Oregon Clean Fuel Program, which calls for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the use of cleaner fuels such as natural gas and renewable natural gas. By fueling with Redeem TM, Fred Meyer is expected to reduce their GHG emissions by 5,328 metric tons annually.