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White City Oregon conference for CNG Fleet managers

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  • White City Oregon conference for CNG Fleet managers

    Save the date for the Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition fleet conference scheduled from 10 am to 1 pm Wednesday, June 27, 2012, at the Jackson County Public Works Auditorium, 200 Antelope Road, White City, Oregon.

    The program includes a Alternative Fuels Vehicle Show, success stories told by local fleet managers, and a time for questions. There is also a session about electric vehicles. The event is sponsored by Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition and Jackson County Roads.

    For information, call Mike Quilty, Clean Cities fleet manager, 541-621-4853.
    Watch for details on the website:


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    Oregon's Rogue Valley cities deploy CNG service trucks


    Medford Sewer Utility Ford 350 CNG

    The F350 will go to Kansas City for uplift of the CNG gas conversion fueling system, said Gary Worden, of Advanced Truck and Body in Central Point, the local Knapheide distributor. The F350 will be shipped by railcar to San Francisco and trucked to Butler Ford and Advanced Truck and Body for final inspections.

    Rogue Valley Sewer Services, the region’s waste water treatment operator, will use the one-ton pickup to
    transport crew and equipment to work sites. The truck cost was $35,000 and the CNG retrofit cost was
    $16,000. The savings in fuel costs will pencil out after 105,000 miles.
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    Medford CNG sweeper
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    Klamath Falls CNG ice rink sweeper
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    Eagle Point and Grants Pass buy used bi-fuel trucks from Avista Utility
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    Crater Lake Trolley CNG buses and fueling station provided by Avista


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      Stanfield Approves LNG-Fueling Station (Pendleton/Pasco area)

      Stanfield Approves LNG-Fueling Station
      March 12, 2012 The Oregon city has granted approval for LNG tanks being built to service the Pilot truck stop at 2115 Highway 395 Stanfield, OR .

      The Stanfield City Council approved the addition of two LNG tanks to a local Pilot gas ... March 12, 2012 ... at a local Pilot gas station as part of Clean Energy Fuels' effort to build LNG-fueling ... a bid for construction will be sent out in May.


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        OREGON CNG in Klamath Falls, Roseburg, and St Helens PRIVATE ACCESS ONLY

        The Crater Lake Trolley concession fuels its CNG shuttles in Klamath Falls at a fast-fill station at AVISTA UTILITIES 2825 DAKOTA CT, KLAMATH FALLS, OR. This is a new private access station with a drier, compressor and ASME storage tubes.

        City of St Helens, OR has a Fuelmaker connected to DOT bottles for storage that was used some years back for a few city vehicles. It isn't in current use nor is it available for public fueling. It is located at the city yard at 984 Oregon Street. St. Helens Mayor Randy Peterson (term 2003-present) is a strong advocate for natural gas vehicles.

        The AVISTA UTILITIES yard at 1404 Green Siding Rd in Roseburg has a CNG fueling setup like St Helens, except that it is in current use. This is a private access station.

        These private access stations have no method of measuring the amount of fuel dispensed and do not allow public fueling at present. Each was visited (with conventional cars) to verify the locations.


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          Re: OREGON CNG in Klamath Falls, Roseburg, and St Helens PRIVATE ACCESS ONLY

          Looks like Oregon could take giant leap in drive-ability on cng if above cities would make those cng pumps open to the public!!

          Highway 5 running north to south would be great connector to California (while running on CNG) if cities of St Helens, OR and Roseburg, OR got a credit card reader and proper cng dispenser (TGT in Tulsa could sure sell them one).

          Major cities of Portland, OR and Salem, OR also ought to have public cng along Highway 5.

          Interesting that Stanfield, OR is getting LNG (and hopefully CNG) since it's out in the boonies??


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            Re: OREGON CNG in Klamath Falls, Roseburg, and St Helens PRIVATE ACCESS ONLY

            Is there anyway to find out if there will be CNG in Stanfield, OR?
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              Medford consultant Gary Hall briefs Stanfield about LNG station


              Stanfield Council OKs Liquified Natural Gas Tanks For Pilot Truck Stop
              Holly Dillemuth March 9, 2012

              The Stanfield City Council unanimously approved a proposal Tuesday to add two liquified natural gas tanks and and two above-ground storage tanks north of the current Pilot gas station along Highway 395, facing toward Stanfield.

              The natural gas stations, when added, will be one of three natural gas fuel stations in Oregon. Another is in Portland and one is in the process of being constructed in Central Point, (Stanfield) City Manager Scott Pingel said...

              The city plans to send out a bid for a construction company in May, Pingel said...

              Pingel said when the Pilot Station was created in the late 1990s, few thought the station would attract business. “But now it is popular. That was our biggest concern with the traffic just because traffic already gets bad when the diesels are trying to get up into the diesel islands,” Pingel said. “I guess we’ll see. I think if it gets popular, it could definitely get busier.”

              Pilot consultant Gary Hall, of Medford, is working with the city to help answer questions about the project but doesn’t see natural gas fuel becoming increasingly popular with truck companies for some time. “It will probably never be as popular as diesel,” Hall said. “There are going to be those that stick with the traditional diesel fuel.”

              ...The hope is that if the fuel tanks are built, the truck companies equipped to hold the alternative fuel will come to refuel...

              The CLEAN ENERGY 2011 annual report (attached) describes the scale of work underway:

              By the end of 2011, we had:
              --Proposed, planned and initiated construction of ANGH (TM) to enable LNG truck fueling from coast-to-coast and border-to-border
              --Received investment commitments for $450 million to build out the ANGH (TM) as well as to continue construction of our regional and metropolitan station building projects
              --Begun the build-out of an estimated 150 LNG fueling stations along major interstates to create the initial backbone of the ANGH (TM), with an estimated 70 stations scheduled for completion in 2012 and the balance in 2013
              --Noted commitments by five major truck manufacturers to launch or expand their natural gas truck offerings

              At a rate of building 70 stations this year, with four or five ASME storage tubes needed to add CNG to a station, to expect the stations to all have CNG from the start would involve hundreds of fuel bottles which cost about $300,000 each. (Cost figure reported in board meetings for replacement of Pierce Transit station tanks by CLEAN ENERGY.)
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                Rogue Disposal will showcase its CNG station at Avenue A and 7th St in White City Oregon in October 2016. eVites were distributed to civic and commercial organization representatives. Login and private message me in the next day and you can be included in the invitation list. Station presently serves Rogue Disposal and Jackson County vehicles.

                Public CNG has been available at Interstate 5 exit 33 in nearby Central Point for over a month at the PILOT Travel Center LCNG station built by CLEAN ENERGY.

                CNG_WhiteCity_a.jpg CNG_WhiteCity_k.jpg LCNG_CentralPt_8.jpg