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Natural gas compressor explosion

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    Pierce Transit CNG station in Lakewood WA reopens!

    The buses are definitely fueling in the transit yard. There has not been a first hand report from someone fueling a car two blocks away at the public fill CLEAN ENERGY station. But the station has been reactivated on cngprices as operational.

    The first notice came from the Pierce Transit board meeting minutes of the March 12 meeting which were posted online after being approved April 9 (see page 4):

    In the March board meeting update, Manager of Maintenance Bill Spies said it had been just over one year since the fuel station explosion. The new CNG compressor and gas dryer were delivered March 12 and permits were received from the City of Lakewood for installation. The Agency was to begin temporary fueling by the week of March 26 were it not for a delay in the delivery of the compressor and dryer.

    CLEAN ENERGY buys the CNG produced in the Pierce Transit yard and supplies a public pump two blocks away by way of three small tubes in a trench. This is also done in San Luis Obispo where the three lines go for about 100 yards.

    The accident happened during work initiated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Federal stimulus fund) upgrade of the station's compressor according to Mr. Spies. But an accident report has yet to be made available to suggest a cause.


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      Public fueling has not been available at Lakewood Pierce Transit

      The Pierce Transit CNG station for the fleet buses is operational. But it is still not ready to have the public fill station operated by CLEAN ENERGY down the block reconnected to it.

      The word was getting around that all was well and up and running - that is correct for the bus side of the fence. CLEAN ENERGY will be updating the status on when the station becomes operational.


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        Re: Chesapeake Energy December 2011 Investor Report maps Green Highway

        Re: the article about LNG stations...

        So does that mean a CNG Stations as well? Or only LNG?

        Hermiston would be a great spot for my trips to Seattle from Salt lake.
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          Pierce Transit buses had also fueled at the WA gas utility PSE during outage

          WA and OR utility commissions ordinarily do not allow CNG to be offered by gas utilities to private entities. The following demonstrates that the WA Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) was willing to allow the transit agency to fuel from Puget Sound Energy's private CNG station in Tacoma (not sure who is Wash Natural Gas). From the docket:

          On February 28, 2011, the Pierce Transit CNG fueling facility in Lakewood, Washington, suffered a failure that threatened interruption to Pierce Transit's operations. On March 22, 2012 in Docket No. UG-II0442, PSE filed Schedule 50 (Emergency Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Service) for vehicle fuel in short-term, emergency situations. Under this new Schedule 50, PSE would offer firm sales service on an emergency basis to allow Pierce Transit to fuel its buses at nearby PSE facilities at a comparable market price. The WUTC temporary service until June 1,2012, to allow Pierce Transit sufficient time to complete approved PSE's request for the new Schedule 50 repairs at the Pierce Transit CNG fueling facility in Lakewood, Washington.

          WUTC v. Wash. Natural Gas Co., Docket UG-940034, Fifth Supplemental Order (1995). Jd.