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CNG Now Open In Vancouver, WA

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  • CNG Now Open In Vancouver, WA

    This long awaited Trillium public fuel station near Portland is now operational, at $2.199 per GGE.
    ?Takes the usual credit cards, open 24/7. So noted on

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    That's great news Brian. I see 300mileclub posted some photos at CNGprices as well.


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      I am travelling between Washington and Idaho next week, and need a few home fills somewhere between Seattle, WA and Nampa, ID. I need a 3600psi. Any tips or ideas appreciated. Text CJ, 916 737 8429.


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        If all your fueling can be done July 24, you are welcome to drive in to the LEHI Ride&Drive. It is an annual conference for Government officials at 3335 Innovation Blvd Richland WA to discuss using alternative fuels for their fleets. The event is held on the grounds of the Battelle National Laboratories. If driving a 2006 or newer Civic GX, you can cover the 276 mi from Nampa to Richland and the 223 mi from Richland to Vancouver using the fast fill CNG available on this one day each year.

        A single CNG station in this tri-cities area of WA and OR would open up the route you ask about. A refuse hauler, Basin Disposal, in the area is upgrading a time-fill yard they have been very pleased with and is presently the best prospect to offer long awaited public fueling for this area. The same station builder, TruStar is planning to open a public 24/7 card lock in White City Oregon. So, perhaps, they will build on that success by doing the same in Pasco.


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          CNG fast-fill can be arranged both Sat & Sun July 23-24. Seems it comes a week too early for your trip