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Trillium CNG opens Vancouver, WA. Station

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  • Trillium CNG opens Vancouver, WA. Station

    Trillium announced at the ACT Expo today that the Vancouver, WA station at 5420 NW Fruit Valley Rd is now open and operational.

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    Word got around they needed NGV's to come for fueling to complete testing of the station for Wednesday and Thursday (May 4 & 5). I went there Thursday and got a FREE fill up and tour of the facility by Trillium's Construction Manager, Sean Meyers. It is a 4 stage system, with hydraulic compression on the 4th. He indicated the official opening would be sometime next week. Nice shiny new facility - too bad it will have to suffice as the first "Portland" public fueling station even though located in Washington. Credit card access, 24/7. Local politics apparently still discourag any providers from opening a site actually in Portland...
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      CLEAN ENERGY LCNG station at the PILOT at 275 S Peninger Central Point Oregon began dispensing CNG Aug 13 2016. This solves the lack of a CNG station in the Medford Oregon nights/weekends for thru- state travel. CNG is finally available for the length of Interstate 5 from Canada to Mexico.

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      Seatac (CLEAN ENERGY)
      Vancouver (TrilliumCNG) * * * NEW * * *
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      Woodland (TrilliumCNG)
      Buttonwillow (Questar) * * * NEW * * *
      Santa Clarita (CLEAN ENERGY)
      Commerce (CLEAN ENERGY)
      San Diego (CLEAN ENERGY)