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CNG now in Auburn, WA

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  • CNG now in Auburn, WA

    A new CNC pump will be opening in Auburn, WA soon. I went by the station today, the compressor and pump are installed and it is being tested now. There is an attendant on duty 6am-5pm weekdays and 8am-noon Sat. I am not sure if they will accept cash but will accept CFN card 24/7.
    The price will be $2.15 gge. The location info is:

    CFN Site #352
    330 C STREET N.W
    Auburn, WA 98001
    GPS: [47.310807, -122.23286]
    Phone # 800.626.3213 253.854.0457
    Operated by Don Small & Sons Oil Dist Co. and Waste Management

    I will post more as I get more info.

    Linda 09GX

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    Re: CNG now in Auburn, WA

    Thanks Linda. It is good to see Waste Management continue to build stations for their refuse truck fleet while also providing public access
    Be sure to notify under the "Add A Station" link adjacent to the map.


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      Re: CNG now in Auburn, WA

      The Auburn station is up and running. I fueled there yesterday with no problems. The price is $2.15 gge, they take cash during the day and CFN card 24 hrs.
      They are very nice folks to work with. CNG prices has been updated.

      Linda 09 GX


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        The Auburn station was built in record time!

        The Auburn station is a CLEAN ENERGY mobile station with a dispenser on a fuel island. A single ASME tube is mounted to the ground next to the trailer with sheet metal covers on each end to protect it. The City of Auburn wouldn't allow a fence to be built to protect the trailer and tube according to MacDonald-Miller of Seattle, the contractor. It's not apparent how a fence would have bothered anyone since this FUEL FARM station is next to a rail line in a industrial area.

        It's regulations like these that contributed to a public fill dispenser NOT being included with the Waste Management station in Portland. MacDonald-Miller showed me the Portland site plans with the public dispenser layout that was not built. The Portland WM station was designed by ET Environmental's Ketchum ID offices.


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          Re: The Auburn station was built in record time!

          Would be nice if local there in WA could post picture (here along with of this new public cng in Auburn, WA.

          Also, looks like needs to have more information. Add comment on hours that CASH will be accepted, and also clarify that normal credit cards are not accepted ..... right??

          Once credit card figured out, need to notify Todd of so that CC tab can be turned Red to indicate that CC cards not accepted, but rather a unique fuel card required. Phone number and name of company to contact would be useful as a note in regarding setting up that cng fuel card as very few people will go to trouble of Fuelman card.

          Great news for Seattle area to see more public cng pumps . . . . looks like prices are LOWER than most all of California. Way to go Washington state!


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            Re: The Auburn station was built in record time!

            I will take a picture and get the hours cash will be accepted. We received our CFN/Fuelman card from Don Small & Sons in Auburn. We asked about MC & Visa, they said they are working on it and it may come later, if they can work it out. The station has worked out great for us as we only live 2 miles away.


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              Their stock (CLNE) has gone up 22% since last July, too!

              Anyone needing to apply for a CFN card may private message me -- click on 300mileclub to get started. I can provide contact that was given to me by WorldCNG when they got their fueling card for their shop in nearby Kent.