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Sparq Ground Breaking Ceremony -- Eaton, CO -- Highway 85 CNG Corridor

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  • Sparq Ground Breaking Ceremony -- Eaton, CO -- Highway 85 CNG Corridor

    CNG Enthusiasts: please make time to join Sparq Natural Gas, and our partners at Agfinity, Noble Energy, Weld County, and the Town of Eaton as we celebrate our CNG Ground Breaking Ceremony on Wednesday, April 6th at 2:30PM adjacent to the Agfinity Convenience Store at 250 E. Collins St., Eaton, CO 80615. Our station will feature the GE CNG Station In A Box Version 2.0, as well as a pairing with a Bauer Compressor. Judging by the pictures and our progress, we hope to open by mid-June, with a formal event in early July.

    Thank you for your support in growing the CNG Network in Northern Colorado.

    SparqNG Team
    Save The Date -- Eaton, CO Celebration Sparq Natural Gas -- Eaton, CO -- Week 5 of 12 Sparq Natural Gas -- Eaton, CO -- Week 5 of 12

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    Congrats Norman on another site in Colorado!


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      CNG Fans: Site commissioning in Eaton, CO is quickly approaching. Make plans to test out the second-generation GE CNG in a Box delivered last week to 250 E. Collins St., Eaton, CO 80615.

      Read more about our site at the Greeley Tribune in the link below:

      Thank you for your future business!

      SparqNG Team


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        There was no indication when I pulled in to fuel after 4pm that there had been an opening ceremony on the Fourth of July for the Sparq station in Eaton, but the facility just east of U.S. 85 in Eaton had been operational since late May. It sports both the GE CNG-in-a-Box and a 50HP BAUER M-Series Simplex supplying 33-75 gge/hr.

        Until 2009, there were no CNG stations in Weld County. Within the first three years, officials and developers got five stations built. That was the first phase of the program, Kirkmeyer said during the ceremony. The second phase aimed to get seven to 10 stations built.

        Noble Energy, which has drilling locations nearby, plans to use the facility to fuel its CNG fleet, said representative Curtis Rueter. Noble has drilling rigs, hydraulic fracturing sites, pumper fleets and trucks running on CNG at least part time.The police services in the county also have CNG vehicles.

        CNG_Eaton_c.jpg CNG_Eaton_3.jpg


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          The ribbon cutting event was announced in a press release 19 July for the SPARQ CNG station in Eaton Colorado to be held 27 July 2016. The Eaton station features a next generation CNG-In-A-Box from GE having a 200-horsepower compressor, says Sparq CEO Norman Herrera. The station also has a 50-horsepower Bauer compressor. Go to this link to see the following table of the twelve SPARQ installations from Louisiana to Colorado:


          CNG fueling was reported on cngprices 13 May 2016 at the Loves Travel Stop at 3211 S. Newberry ( I-80 Exit 179) North Platte, NE, which will service vehicles from KALM Transportation, UPS and Schmidt Liquid Transportation. The station, partially funded with a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund and in collaboration with STIRK CNG, a regional CNG provider, will offer both LNG and CNG to fleets in the Midwest. It saves about an hour driving from Denver to the East to fuel at Eaton rather than continuing north to Cheyenne WY before heading east.