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State-Backed CNG Station Opens in Glenwood Springs, Colo.

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  • State-Backed CNG Station Opens in Glenwood Springs, Colo.

    by NGT Staff, Nov 06, 2015
    A state- and municipal-funded Trillium CNG fueling station opened Friday in Glenwood Springs, Colo., co-located at the Shell West Mart. Although Western Tank Lines is the station's anchor fleet, the station will be open to the public. Trillium will operate... [Read More]
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    The longest CNG fueling stretches for crossing the country using Interstate 70 are now Guymon OK to Trinidad CO (209mi) and Scipio UT to Moab (186mi). (Use 3600psi in Scipio as opposed to 3000psi in Richfield. The 64mi - down and back - detour to Moab allows driving I-70 full speed instead of trying to go directly to Grand Junction from Scipio.)

    And, now that everything from Moab to Vale is catering to high priced tourism, there is still inexpensive lodging available at a formerly high-end motel across "Ute St" from the CNG station in Parachute CO. It has lots of rooms and low rates - just remember "Parachute Inn" and ask for a 2nd floor "View of the CNG station" when checking in.

    This route over the Rockies was test-driven before the 2012 Coast-to-Coast (C2C) CNG Roadtrip to see if making it was even possible (only highlighted stations were available.) The station count has almost doubled in just three years:

    Scipio - Questar
    Moab - Questar
    Grand Junction - Monument Clean Fuels
    Parachute - Encana
    Rifle - Sparq (old station is gone, but new station is planned)
    Glenwood Springs - Trillium
    Denver - Clean Energy Rexoco (6185 N Broadway - a Denver Clean Energy station accepts credit cards!)
    Colorado Springs - Ward Alternative Energy
    Pueblo - Sparq
    Trinidad - Sparq
    Guymon - HPB CNG (old station is gone, but new station now operational)

    Conditions can change rapidly but, as I write this post in the 3rd week of Nov, Interstate 70 is "dry" from Utah to Denver, so the travel season seems to be longer than one might think (C2C trip encountered snow in October over the pass.)


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      Parachute_CO.jpg CNG_moab_GX3.jpg CNG_Moab_scenic2.jpg
      Pictured is the rock formation the town of Parachute was named for. The Moab detour offers dramatic scenery. Use Hwy 191 both ways into Moab regardless of whether traveling westbound or eastbound on Interstate 70. Scenic Hwy 128 courses along a river but should be avoided by all but the hardened adventurists - rock slides, single lane in stretches - definitely would not recommend in wind, rain, snow or at night (no trailers or heavy RVs)


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        Outstanding writeup for the Glenwood Springs Nov 6, 2015 opening event:

        Two 125 HP electric motor driven compressors provide redundancy
        Two onsite CNG pressurized spheres can dispense 160 GGE
        SourceGas gas service via a new, dedicated pipeline delivering gas at 35 psi.
        Glenwood Springs Electric 800 amp, 480 volt, 3-phase service.
        Station cost: $1,240,000, excluding natural gas and electric utility upgrades
        Grants: Garfield County: $90,000; City of Glenwood Springs: $10,000; ALT Fuels Colorado: $442,880