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Sparq Pueblo CNG Is Open For Business!

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  • Sparq Pueblo CNG Is Open For Business!

    Fellow NGV Enthusiasts: Sparq Natural Gas is pleased to announce our first Colorado CNG Station located at 620 W. 4th Street, Pueblo, CO 81003.

    As we celebrate our opening, we invite you to fuel with us this 4th of July weekend and learn more about our site's capabilities including:

    • Commemorative Introductory Fuel Pricing of $1.99 a Gasoline Gallon Equivalent
    • Redundant Compression (200HP + 50HP)
    • 37’ CNG Storage (160GGE Dispensable)
    • High-Flow, Heavy-Duty CNG Nozzles + Light-Duty CNG Nozzles
    • 1” Stainless Steel Tubing from compressor to dispenser
    • Xcel Energy gas line capital improvement to allow for faster pressure and flow

    Thank you for your business. Have a Happy 4th of July!

    SparqNG Team

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    Re: Sparq Pueblo CNG Is Open For Business!

    Congratulations on the new station, that's great news. Any chance that you can post a few photos of the station? After the grand opening event, what do you anticipate your fuel pricing to be?

    Best of luck with the new location.



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      Re: Sparq Pueblo CNG Is Open For Business!

      This is great news. Pueblo fills an important gap on I-25 connecting fueling stops from Denver to Santa Fe to the south and to Guymon OK to the east.


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        Come fuel on CNG in Southern Colorado with Sparq. You can find in Pueblo with our partners at Acorn Petroleum, and now in Trinidad with our partners at Duran Oil Company.

        See you soon!

        SparqNG Team