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Sacramento, CA CNG station update

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    Woodland, CA outside of Sacramento should still be a viable option for some north (haven't tried it)...
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      Better NOT going to Woodland station at night - busses are fueling and capacity is sometimes not up to par I have found
      having been there a few times in past years.
      '13 Chev Silverado 2500 Ext Cab Factory Bi-Fuel
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        Unfortunately just about every CNG station in Bay Area (CA) that I've been to has slow-fueling (or no fueling) when buses, shuttle vans or trucks are fueling at same time.
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          Sacramento area Public CNG Stations - all tested 22 July 2016:

          350 Industrial Way, Woodland - Yolo Transit 24/7 all cards accepted
          1380 Shore St, West Sacramento - 24/7 Now accepts all credit/debit cards
          316 L St, Davis - 24/7 PG&E card only
          5555 Florin-Perkins Rd, Sacramento - 7am-4:30pm M-F PG&E card only
          8550 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento - 6am-5pm M-F Clean Energy and fleet cards
          9050 Elkmont Dr, Elk Grove - 24/7 Accepts all credit/debit cards

          The huge Regional Transit (RT) CNG station at Dudley Blvd and Forcum Ave in McClellan Park has 4 dispensers having only RFID pads which read credit cards(*). An additional dispenser island set off by itself within a small fenced enclosure does have a card reader,CNG_ForcumDudley0.JPG CNG_Dudley_2.jpg CNG_ForcumDudley4.JPG


          • Moen
            Moen commented
            Editing a comment
            Fruitridge is open 24/7 w/ an gate access code due to have the digester onsite that's creating home-made RNG. I do all the heavy lifting, people just have to give me a call - 916-288-2804!

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          The Sacramento County Airport System has contracted with Clean Energy for a multi-year repair and maintenance agreement for its Sacramento International Airport station. Clean Energy will perform repairs and take over maintenance at the station which will fuel an anticipated 500,000 GGEs per year to (PRIVATE) airport and municipal vehicles.



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            One of the two dozen or so Sacramento International Airport shuttle buses appeared on an auction ending 6 Sep 2016. The auction listing will disappear at some point, but this is a description of the vehicle which is being sold with headlights that do not work:

            2004 ElDorado EZ Rider II, passenger shuttle/transit bus. 417K miles VIN 1N9FLABG04C084004 Cummins B5.9 Liter 230HP CNG Engine Allison B300 transmission. CNG fueled. Low floor, power steering, air brakes, air conditioning. 12,159 hours on meter as of Aug 2016 (Tanks may need replacement in 2019)



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              There are six Sacramento Airport shuttles listed on PublicSurplus, so this must represent that the fleet will be sold off rather than have the tanks replaced which expire in 2019 (if 15 year life is applied).





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                So I've been staying in Citrus Heights recently, and drove over 25 miles to Elk Grove today just to fill my GX, not especially convenient.
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                7 PUBLIC:
                1320 Shore St West Sacramento, CA Be excited that the public can fuel here. It was fleet only for many years.
                9050 Elkmont Way Elk Grove, CA With four hoses and two dispensers, Transit/Refuse drivers take turns in order to get higher flow rates . So be polite.
                350 Industrial Way Woodland, CA Believe it or not, it is possible to reach Medford OR in the 2006 or newer Civics from this station

                Here is a trend-setting station. You will be fueling with methane from a bio-digester at this site. Requires Voyager or WEX card
                8550 Fruitridge Rd Sacramento, CA ReFuel

                5555 Florin-Perkins Rd Sacramento, CA
                1415 2nd St Davis, CA
                333 Sacramento St Auburn, CA Single dispenser will shut off fueling of a refuse truck when a car hooks up to the other hose. So take turns.
                PG&E card needed for the above - Go to:


                8 PRIVATE:
                Can be frustrating to know these stations were paid for with tax dollars but are only accessible by govt vehicles:
                2005 Hilltop Cir Roseville, CA
                3701 Dudley Blvd McClellan, CA HUGE station, actually saw one municipal work pickup fill here in July. For access contact
                9661 Conservation Rd Sacramento, CA
                1400 29th St Sacramento, CA
                1416 10th St Sacramento, CA CNG station actually installed on roof of parking structure
                8421 Gerber Rd Sacramento, CA
                11448 F Ave Auburn, CA
                6900 Airport Blvd Sacramento CA Airport was Public Fueling until last July

                You may see all of these at the link below and, in more search options, click private.



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                  Originally posted by 300mileclub View Post
                  7 PUBLIC:
                  1320 Shore St West Sacramento, CA Be excited that the public can fuel here. It was fleet only for many years.

                  Regular credit cards (Visa, MC) ok now?
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                    Grand Canyon AZ is beginning to sell off its CNG transit buses. The 1998 New Flyer 30 passenger buses have been parked 3 years because of the expired tanks. Over 400K miles of transporting sightseers. As with Sacramento County Airport rental car shuttle CNG buses, the cost of replacing the tanks results in few, if any, bidders for these buses. The amount of use they had is impressive, however:



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                      Fueling contract used by City of Sacramento to use the Sacramento Regional Transit CNG station at 3701 Dudley Blvd, McClellan CA is attached. This solves the mystery of seeing a pickup truck pull up to the dispensers for a tankful when no one seems to know where the fueling cards come from. Title is, Licensing Agreement for CNG Fueling at Regional Transit (RT) Facilities


                      and is found at this link:


                      If making the case for permission to fuel there, the process to obtain approval is now revealed (if you happen to be City of Sac). I guess an individual could always plead that it was tax money that paid for the enormous, unused station. (shown is the single dispenser added to allow bank cards to be used.)

                      CNG_Dudley_2.jpg CNG_ForcumDudley4.JPG



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                        PDX (Portland Oregon) is spending $1M to add an additional CNG compressor to its private station at 7111 NE Alderwood Portland, OR and $3.2M to replaced six rental car shuttle buses in its 26 CNG bus fleet using a combination of Port and Federal grant funding. The entire fleet is being fitted with GPS tracking for automated destination signs, a surveillance camera system with an on- board Digital Video Recorder (DVR), and Wi-Fi hotspot access - some of which is mandated by ADA requirements. (Seems odd that a station financed with Federal tax $ is not open to the tax payers)





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                          Sacramento has a number of the creative natural gas stations to be found nationwide. Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Southern California Gas Company jointly developed a small-scale liquefaction plant - a tank may still be seen on a triangle lot just north of the CA Automobile Museum on Front St.


                          There is also the food-waste-to-energy biogas digester at 8550 Fruitridge Rd Sacramento where, with a Voyager card, you can get RNG from the most extensive methane refinery complex to be found anywhere.

                          It is anybody s guess how the 8 ton ASME tube rack was positioned for the CNG station on the top deck of the State parking structure at 1416 10th St Sacramento, CA.

                          The public CNG dispenser on Shore St in West Sacramento gets its high pressure gas next door from buried high pressure tubing running 300 feet. Same is true for the dispenser at JB Dewar in San Luis Obispo CA which has the compressor at the rear property line and the dispenser out at the street - had me baffled first time I fueled there wondering where the tanks were.

                          Some public stations simply use a turnout in the adjacent street to provide access to a dispenser. This was easy enough to do at 1165 Lance Rd Norfolk VA to provide outside the fence access to the dispenser. Same for 3355 Thomas Rd Santa Clara CA.

                          The, now, closed Lakewood WA station on 94th St SW at the NW corner of the Pierce Transit bus yard had both a long distance pipe run to the dispenser along with a turnout for access having no dispenser island or canopy.

                          The idea to feature some unusual station layouts was triggered by the 157 N Main St Norwich CT CNG station which has the dispenser located on the other side of three working railroad tracks from the compressors.

                          For comparison, the FreedomCNG station in Houston TX has a textbook layout: plenty of open space, three fuel islands under a canopy, compressor compound in proximity to everything. And the Cheyenne WY CNG station which opened this month at the Laramie County facilities by the fairgrounds is the minimalist approach having a gravel surface with concrete pads where needed for the apparatus. A video of this station taken with a drone takes visualization of this site up a notch from the aerial and street view imagery which has traditionally provided a look at these facilities.


                          CNG_Sac_ParkingStructure.png CNG_SanLuisObispo_100ydline.png CNG_NorfolkVA.png CNG_LakewoodWA.png CNG_NorwichCT_rossesRailroad.png CNG_HoustonTX_FreedomCNG.png



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                            Best practice would seem to be to offer CNG, Diesel and DEF (any LCNG truck stop satisfies this, but not in same fuel lane.) CNG@WORK station at Carter Energy 401 Kindleberger Rd Kansas City KS opened Sept 2015 after a seven year search for the right location, and offers diesel, DEF, and CNG: