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HOV access for certified aftermarket conversion

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  • HOV access for certified aftermarket conversion

    Wondering if anyone has experience applying for HOV access stickers for a listed eligible aftermarket conversion vehicle. Since they can't confirm from the VIN, is there additional information that will be needed to get the ok? Looking to hear from anyone with first hand experience. Thanks!

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    Look under the hood for the aftermarket converter's emission label. If it matches one of these then you can apply for the white sticker in California. The VIN is irrelevant as to qualifying, its all about the engine family.

    Here is how you apply to the DMV


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      It looks like there is something called a CARB certification letter that the DMV requires to issue stickers for aftermarket conversions like my BAF MGM. The document search continues...


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        You need to find the CARB B - Executive order for that conversion see this page .


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          Lakewood90712: Yep. - I have the EO number for the conversion which was needed to pass emissions. This is different : It is a document to "officially" link the VIN to the certified conversion


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            I have never heard of California requiring evidence of the VIN linked to the conversion.

            Who performed the install? There is likely a sticker somewhere. You could contact the installer and ask for a letter, or perhaps the original invoice for the conversion which includes the VIN.

            Another option might be to take it to an emissions referee station (?) and have them put in writing that it passes emissions and that they found there are no gasoline components on the vehicle (tank, filler neck, canister) -- all dedicated CNG operation only.


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              The referee station is the key in this case . With the CARB E.O. in hand , I think you will prevail once the smog station identifies the engine family, and conversion match.

              IIRC, BAF was bought out by Clean Energy, and then sold to someone else or dissolved.

              EDIT if you click on the BAF technologies link at Clean Energies, it directs you to Westport .

              What year is the vehicle. Clean Energy owned BAF starting in 2009
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                The missing link turned out to be the "motive power" field in the registration. This gets filled out by the DMV inspector either (typically) when a car is bought out of state or (rarely) when there's a fuel conversion or for kit cars etc. once I got the DMV to correct that, the HOV application sailed through.