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Oklahoma SB 1581 needs work

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  • Oklahoma SB 1581 needs work

    Hey gang,

    I wanted to give our Oklahoma NGV owners an update on the legislation working its way through the legislature.

    At the end of March we sent out an alert to you all regarding Senate Bill 977 which would have cut tax incentives for many things, including natural gas vehicles and stations. Thanks to your help this bill is stalled and in its place are a number of bills to address the tax shortfall. Among them is Senate Bill 1581 to specifically address clean fuel vehicles and refueling infrastructure. It places a $6 million cap on these credits, retroactive to January 2016 and through 2018 and lowers the value of the credits

    The Oklahoma NGV industry is asking that you contact your House and Senate representatives to:

    Vote no on SB 1581:
    * Being retroactive to January 1 2016 punishes businesses that went forward with business plans to build stations and convert vehicles because of the current tax credit

    * We have already cut vehicle credits to 45%, when 50% is the "standard" across the states

    Then request a new bill, saying that we understand the need to do something to be a part of the solution for the budget shortfall so we recommend the following:

    * $6 million cap beginning 1/1/2017 (calendar year 2017)

    * Reduction on the infrastructure/station tax credit from 75% to 50% (more than the original 25% in SB 1581)

    * Leave the vehicle credit alone since it already is low at 45%

    You can find your representative here:


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    I will be sending out an e-mail blast to our Oklahoma members today...


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      Good news: it seems none of the bills which would have limited NGV station and vehicle tax credits made it through the Oklahoma legislature this session. Thanks to those who reached out to your representatives!